5 weeks

Only 4.5 weeks and I’m fatter by the minute, it seems, fat accumulating in strange places. Or maybe it’s just water retention, they say.  The old size 6’s were given to goodwill or our tiny neighbor already. They don’t fit and I harbor no delusions that I will ever fit into them again. I will be really happy with getting back into an 8 after baby. But truly any pants that have a button at the top are a no-go already too. One car ride in my favorite jeans and that was all overwith, very uncomfortable. You won’t find me in pregnancy jeans either, it’s now all spandex/cotton all of the time.

So far it’s been too exciting not to plan, plus babyshowers in far away places must be planned early taking into account plans for visiting K’s family for dad’s birthday and thanksgiving with my parents.

Nov. 28 Babyshower, LA (my parents with Jew food catered by Brent’s Deli. 5.5 months preg.

Possible late Oct. baby shower on Long Island. 4.5 months preg.

I wasn’t so great at planning my own bridal shower so I think we won’t have a Seattle baby shower. If we did, it would be a later one so I can show off my belly, late Feb ’10.