Accupuncture!  A Morning Sickess Cure so Far!

The midwife suggested accupuncture when I was feeling really weak and like I may never digest my food again. I somehow got an appointment with the Chinese doc she reccomened who happened to be at the Bastyr teaching clinic yesterday and I got right in. It took about two hours processing before I could recieve needles and a few wierd things happened like the senior Chinese doctor supervising made me feel bad for not keeping down enough protein saying “Your baby will not be smart.”  Her students apologised for her later.

But all in all the treatment felt fine except for my right foot becoming swollen with  a “histamine reaction” to one of the needles. And I couldn’t feel or walk on that foot for a few minutes which was strange.

And then amazingly I kept down my late lunch and my dinner including a pickle that tasted good but I thought would be the death of me. I hope this keeps up because I don’t want my baby to “not be smart”.