I wish I had better things to write. I’m tired of feeling terrible and vomiting. Today I can’t even keep down liquids. To top it off, the combination of nausea and exhaustion is making me have feelings of being “worthless” and “lazy”.

In other news, it seems out middle names may not be set in stone. Of course it all of a sudden occured to me that my cousin Erica’s baby has her grandpa’s name for a middle name: Arthur. Why did I not remember there was already an Arthur? I guess I just like the name a lot. Maybe because the shortened is “Art.”  But I think we’re back to Walter for a middle name, which we also really like and Karolyn likes a little more. I guess that way our WALL- E movie obsessed small friend Elsa can call the baby Wall-E. If it’s a boy, that is. Which we feel sure it would be because that would really be a challenge for us.

What’s true is I always wanted a birth and a baby but the pregnancy part I never much thought about. And it never ever occured to me that I could get morning sickness (all day long) HA HA.  Expecially because of the sickness, I’m trying to read books that might help me find ways to “connect to the baby inside” in any way I can. Currently my desire to have a baby is only slightly higher than my very gynormous desire to not feel this sick and I think I’d better boost the happy baby ju-ju.

Hoping tomorrow, Monday, is a much better day and that I can somehow “get better” because the next four days will be all work and no play. And looking foward for the parents to come visit in two weeks! Though I am chunkier all around, I’m showing a tiny bit in the baby area! , I gained one full inch around the tiny bulge in the last week. I’m measuring from exactly where one would measure hips…and remembering that my hips have always been 34in (small hips, no butt) I’ve gained three and a half inches total putting me at 37.5!