I am either pregnant or I have a bladder infection. I felt my bladder pushing against the front of my groin and bouncing with pressure with each step on our trip to berkeley which had us walking a few miles a day. Oy!

I have always had a camel’s bladder. I could hold it for eight hours in the car. I usually go only 2-3 times a day and I have been going every 1 or 2 hours, and I’m not drinking more than usual.

Strange moods: I wanted to kill our Berkeley yoga teacher. I wanted to kill people who smoked.  The violence is very very new to me! I felt threatened by homeless people. I cried at commercials and billboards.  The farmer’s market made me cry tears of joy. We watched TV and I cried at the bachelorette, the newlywed show, and everything on the food network.

Cravings: Sugar, chocolate, cow cheese, tomatoes. Also craved about seven meals a day- but that might be from watching the food channel. So- tomorrow I walk the lake and thursday, more yoga.

Speaking again of yoga, during the class with the terrible egotistical sadistic wacko teacher- I had to sneeze during savasana laying down and didn’t want to make noise so held it in to myself and it ripped through my groin area. I thought I had simultaneously ruined my lower obliques and spontaneously miscarried any zygote that may have once been attached to my uterus. But I quickly recovered and felt like neither had happened. Phew. Please don’t hold in your sneezes  while lying down.

Also, my face looks fat. Well, fatter than usual, even.