Before the sun came out just now it was just another rainy day at our home in Seattle. Window markers have been the absolute best activity for my little artist at home. I also use them at my storefront school. Beware of the window “crayons”, though, they are very messy and hard to remove and love to ruin furniture.

Iris going to down in the dining room.

Iris going to town in the dining room.

I have made it quite clear (no pun intended) that window markers are only for windows, and therefore the art stays safely on a surface that is extremely easy to clean. Before we got the easel, this was her first upright art activity. She gets to experience a really smooth slippery surface without holding down any paper, without having to push hard and some of her best drawing and writing has been on the windows. She can draw in every room of the house and it takes me only a few minutes to wipe it off.

This is a "Chameleon getting a bug" and some random letters.

This is a “Chameleon getting a bug” and some random letters.

My tips for clean-up are first to take a picture of your child’s artwork, then spray a vinegar and water solution, wipe with newspaper or paper towel, removing as much you can. Go back in once more with elbow grease and a dry cloth in a side-to-side or up and down motion (circular is less effective) to prevent any residue. Don’t let the drawing sit for more than a couple of days or it will take a whole lot more elbow-grease to get off any residue.

Unfortunately there isn’t an organic version of window markers, so Amazon will have to do! (You are less likely to find these stocked in stores.)



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