Iris is still not sleeping like a normal human (imagine that!). But she has increased the frequency of her 1.5hour chunks of time (her largest). Better than nothing. They sent us home from that first MRI appointment (after making us starve Iris for 4hrs first) because she was a tad bit stuffy from an old cold. They said this made her airway too reactive and could wind up in the ICU if she was put under (to hold still for the MRI.) We attempt this all again on the 13th. I am ready to have it overwith.

The anesthesiologist surely said a bunch of scary things about what could go wrong and that she may decide to completely intubate her because of her history of apnea. Oy. They also don’t want us in the room with her during the procedure which I am prepared to make a gigantic fuss about this next time. They are also going to hate me because I am going to make them both recite to me and show me correct dosage of both the gas and the IV anesthetic. I am totally okay with medical professionals hating me. They don’t like to be questioned or told what to do because the job comes with a gigantic ego problem, in my experience. But I’m getting an ego to rival that: I’ve already been right about just about everything in this fiasco and docs have both eaten thier words and told me “you’re right, that’s a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that.”  Because thier job is not to get to the bottom of your problem. Thier job is to spend fifteen minutes with you and send you home with a drug or fax your doctor a copy of the test. As it turns out its MY job to get to the bottom of Iris’central sleep apnea (if that is possible), to do the research, to ask the questions, to strategize, and then to make them do what I think is right. I really don’t need another job right now but I’m the one who knows it best.

Whip It Out is here. It will be a while before it goes online (a week?) and other stores will get it after the CD Release party. I am proud. And I’m starting lullabees again! For free, as a community service starting Jan. 20th.

Some business to attend to:

While we’re on a medical note…It occured to me that this blog does not have a post talking about tha fact that I did have gallbladder removal surgery after all (and another one to remove a stone from a duct) when Iris was 4 months old. I went too many months in excruciating pain and when it became clear that I was not able to parent well and I could not eat anything at all without fear- I spent 5 days in the hospital with my baby in my tiny hospital bed, in various stages of drugged and cut open. It was the best decision I ever made (even though I have some really pesky GI side effects now.)