Tracks of the final mixes have been mailed out to those who pledged $10 or more on kickstarter! Wow! the CD is almost pressed and it will come out in a small recycled and recyclable colorful jackets free from any plastics.  Again, thank you all for your pledges! Let me know if I can do anything for you toward a cause in the future! I will contact you all soon about your individual prizes, getting addresses, etc.

Things I remember about the studio time: It was easier than ever before and this is both because Evan is very easygoing and so confident and because I now have 5 albums under my belt and the practice in studios is finally paying off. I remember playing Evan’s fancily-strung canadian guitar with no low notes for Witness, that is why you hear a different sound. I remember hearing Evan’s bass for Nakie and thinking “YES, that’s what this song has always needed!”  I remember being impressed with George’s cool, calm and collected style coming into the studo and nailing everything to perfection and getting his daughter Elsa to whisper loudly “booby snack” into the mic for that song. I remember being grateful to Shula (and her violin) for taking a leap of faith to come up with lovely parts for a kind of music she doesn’t usually play! I remember Ophelia and Jessica and rehearsing the harmonies for RockThisBaby in my livingroom. Still, my preference is always going to be to play live. If I mess up live, I can joke around or go into a crazy tangent or change the words last minute, and that is what a live show is all about!

And with that said, the next live show that I know about will be the CD Release January 8th at Birth and Beyond Seattle 3pm FREE with refreshments. Check back for a post about each song coming soon.