More medical stuff. I know, you’re so surprised. Iron count extremely low. Ferrin (stored iron) count even lower than that, almost zero. Not acceptable for a home birth so I have a lot of work to do.

It started last night as we went off to the east side to the Deli to eat brisket and bring home lots of chopped liver. (yes, chopped chicken liver with a bit of onion) which is not my favorite thing at all but being jewish I can at least feel a sense of family when I eat it.  We got some for Amelia who actually likes it and will eat in solidarity.

I will also be getting a high iron pregnancy tea to make iced tea from and prune juice (also high in iron and can combat the nasty effects of the iron pills). Yes, more bowel talk.

This is my work now. Eat. Vitamins. Iron. Drink water.

Oh and did I mention once or twice a day I get what feels like debilitating menstrual cramps (more like premature labor than braxton hicks) so it’s also my job to immediately stop, lay in bed on my side and drink a glass of water when that happens.

The rest of the work is finish the multiple circumstance birth plans, practice our hypnobirthing techniques including writing down fears and doing fear release sessions, doing guided visualizations and meditations.

Okay so there are challenges but mostly my life is not hard right now. Lots of sweet anticipation and regardless of challenges, feeling very excited and confident about birthing!