I kept reading about how creative and imaginative people feel in pregnancy but other than coming up with some fun classes to teach out of my livingroom recently, I had not felt particularly creative (other than creating baby Iris, that is).  But her name means rainbow and for the last few weeks I’ve been obsessed with rainbows, looking for prisms to buy, wishing I could somehow configure rainbow lights for the birthing pool that will go through the spectrum and mezmerize me like those fancy rainbow whirlpool tubs, seeing rainbows everywhere and writing Iris her own baby song:

“Iris is a Rainbow- Red, Orange, Yellow. Amelia, like the Pilot Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet” (in similar but different tune to I’m a little tea-pot)

     And right around this same time, something strange and hard to explain has been happening but I will try to explain it anyway:

When I do positive visualizations about birth, relaxations, meditations, my Kundalini prenatal yoga video, or just when I even see something very beautiful…I recieve this very large feeling of openess, mystery, beauty along with very short glimpses of places I have not yet been…as if there are some beautiful things, places and feelings I do not yet know, but God wants me to have a fleeting taste so that I know they are possible.

And this, in turn, has sparked some creative dreams and plans, making my own baby butt balm (“Rosy Baby Booty Butter”), plans on paper for remodeling the basement or attic, visiting a certain ashram, taking a new kind of dance class, going on tour with music again and actually making money, having a more expansive coaching practice, having a veggie and sheep farm, maybe even bees, going to Ireland.  Anyway, I’m at this brilliant place where anything I want, I can imagine how it will be very vividly and I know that it’s possible.

Of course, the rational mind says “Ha! Ha! You will have a baby attached to you like a Monkey!” How will you even take a shower?!  I am telling my voice that even though I have always wanted to be a mom and home-maker, maybe I will get to hire babysitters. And maybe even once Iris can sustain on solid foods, I will go on some tour or to some spiritual place over the rainbow or maybe I will become a naturopathic doctor, or someone will buy me some farmland on Vashon Island…