Infant and Toddler Sleep Certification for Professionals

Ready to become a feeding and attachment-supportive Infant and Toddler Sleep Educator and Consultant?

 Add to your services or start a career that is important, ethical, lucrative and fulfilling. Upon completion of Sleep Savvy, you will be not only competent but confident in this revolutionary work! 

Sleep deprivation and postpartum mood disorders are bosom buddies. Join me to help families balance parental mental health and baby’s growth and development. 

Enrolling till Sept 21st!
It isn’t too late! Apply Below!

Who is the Sleep Savvy Certification Program for?

  • Postpartum Doulas
  • Lactation Consultants and Counselors
  • Postpartum or Perinatal Counselors and Psychotherapists
  • Family Doctors, Naturopaths
  • Parent-Baby class facilitators
  • Newborn Nurses, NCS
  • Peer Breastfeeding Educators
  • Childbirth educators and birth doulas, if you wish to educate and prepare families.

This certification is not for sleepy parents: Parents, please see my sleep pages. If you are a sleepy parent AND a family professional, you are welcome to apply and will be welcome to use your own child as one of your practicum cases! 

 Sleep Savvy Certification can be completed in as little as 3 months or as long as 1 year from start date. 

I have successfully supported over 2,000 families with the Sleep Savvy Method. Can I mentor you into a new chapter in your career? The Sleep Savvy Method is based on extensive sleep research and extensive experience and it is informed by my background in lactation counseling and education, postpartum mental health counseling, and early childhood development. I currently (and usually quietly) boast of a 100% satisfaction rate with client families who are now getting their zzz’s without compromising their values or jeopardizing attachment, healthy growth or lactation. Will you help me bring this breastfeeding and attachment-friendly sleep education and method to even more families?

           -Moorea Malatt, The Sleep Savvy Method Creator; Sleep Educator-Consultant; CLEC; CLC; PMH-C.

“I am unbelievably grateful for the mentorship that Moorea provided through this course. Moorea is the only sleep professional educator I found who was really “speaking my language” when it came to working with infants and families. I am a pediatric occupational therapist and put a lot of stock into the business of co-regulation and general child development knowledge. Moorea does too. And more than that, her work is as evidence based as is possible in this field. I now feel very well equipped to be tackling sleep issues with infants and toddlers.”

-Randi Weiss Vancouver Canada

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

“Thank you for the really great edits and suggestions on the sleep plan. I am already learning so much in your program and am very thankful to have found you! The level of mentorship support I am receiving in this program is exactly what I was looking for and is helping me gain the confidence to move forward with my business.”

Tamara Yeskel, Maryland USA

Sleep Consultant

Course Content

Module 1 A & 1 B: Self-study

Online module with slides and voice- what you’ll learn:

  • Comprehensive infant biology, cultural anthropology of human sleep, history of infant sleep
  • Behavioral psychology of infant, toddler and preschooler sleeping through the months
  • Commons sleep challenges around wake, nap and bedtimes and their solutions
  • Sleep environments, positions, transitions as they relate to both lactation and formula feeding
  • Co-sleeping, Bed-sharing, and Crib-Sleeping considerations drawing on work of Dr. McKenna and Dr. Ball
  • Communicate to families the tenets of safer sleep- balancing divergent AAP and Breastfeeding Medicine guidelines and a critical discussion of sleep products available.
  • Infant nutrition as it relates to sleep
  • Colic and Reflux as they relate to sleep, lactation and formula feeding
  • Sudden Unexplained Infant Death prevention in various sleep environments
  • Recognizing sleep disorders in infants and children
  • Common external sleep disruptors and preventions
  • Postive and Negative sleep signals (associations) and their solutions
  • Infant instincts and behaviors with sleep throughout the months and growth periods
  • Creating 24hr sleep rhythms and increase innate melatonin with circadian rhythm protocol
  • Special considerations for families of multiples and those with older children/ siblings.
  • Special considerations for serving bottle feeding, formula-feeding and exclusively-pumping families.
  • My Patience-Building Method for teaching toddlers/ preschoolers to fall and stay asleep in their own room using attachment theory.
  • Help parents make decisions about when to night wean gradually, help create a night weaning or full weaning plan and provide guidance on maintaining breast/chest health during the process.
  • How to work with two parents with divergent views on the sleep learning process
  • The differences in process of home vs phone coaching vs. in-home sleep care
  • Scope of sleep consulting, how to protect your business, and knowing when families need different or extra help referrals as well as how to assess if a family is not the right fit for your unique practice.
  • When phone consulting versus in-person or overnight consulting is appropriate and how to know the instances when an overnight consultant present might cause more harm than good. We set families up to thrive without us and facilitate parenting confidence.
  • How to get in touch with your intuition for sleep consulting unique individuals versus one-side-fits-all approach.
  • Updated sleep research as it arrives
Module 1C Presentation: Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Sleep

  • Mental health challenges through 2 years as they relate to parent-infant sleep and when to widen the family support team.
  • How to support families in crisis as the sleep support member of a care team.
  • How to balance sleep needs with lactation to prevent and alleviate postpartum mood challenge symptoms


Module 2 A-D: Family Sleep Case Studies

 Zoom Meeting Online conference practice workshops and investigations in cohort: 10 hours

8 Case Studies to work through together plus supporting you LIVE with any current clients. Practice coaching. You must LIVE-attend at least 2 meetings out of the 4 times that will be offered. (Certain exceptions may be made for international students.)

Module 3: Sleep as Your Practice

Webinar/Zoom format workshop call,  Tutorial Videos and Q & A.

  • How to decide when you are under scope of sleep consultant versus a postpartum doula or night nurse versus lactation support. What kind of sleep help comes from a counselor/ therapist?  What a coach is and is not? How can other professionals work sleep into the practice?
  • Understanding the most current marketing approaches/methods and easy ways to get started and build your biz.
  • Special updated biz marketing tips and tricks for the sleep part of your practice and beyond.
  • How to price your services
  • How to draw in ideal clients and weed out those who are not aligned or ready
  • How to develop confidence in your work and how to set sustainable boundaries/ prevent burnout.
  • Liability insurance and associations.
  • How to create a lucrative sleep consulting biz and how to make sure your clients keep referring you to friends.


Module 4: Practicum with Families

  • 24+hrs Working professionally with 3+ families during this program (You will charge a package fee, Moorea will help you find and support these practice clients.) Up to one year to complete this.
  • Mentorship one-on-one from Moorea on each case.
  • Support and help editing your written plans, text access to Moorea when you’re working with practicum clients.


  • Personal coaching by your mentor, Moorea Malatt, and workshop time with your peers through the private Facebook group.
  • Comprehensive, customizable intake documents to share with your clients. It will help you determine how you can best serve their needs.
  • Sleep Plan templates, examples and other PDFs to serve your clients.
  • Lifetime access to Module Videos, slides to show your clients, videos, PDFs, memes.
  • The very latest sleep information regularly brought to you via Facebook group classroom.
  • Forever access to Moorea for mentorship via private FB group and email.
  • Your listing  as a Certified Sleep Savvy Educator and Consultant. I often refer clients out to my students.
  • PDF Certificate and badges for your website upon completion.


  • Access to The Art and Science of Lactation and Sleep Webinar LIVE when I run it (3 Continuing Ed hours)
  • Zombie Prevention Skills for Overnight Professionals (science to help you arrange your own sleep.)
  • Lullaby playlists and recordings to share with your clients.
  • NEW: My soothing sleep visualization recordings for parents and children (can be shared with your clients).

“My main reason for signing up for this course was to support families even if/ whether they are planning to bed share, find bed sharing helpful once baby is born, or for occasional bed sharing and removing the fear and misinformation about it. I found the group discussions and case studies helpful for real-world applications of what we were learning. The ongoing mentoring aspect of the training, especially when I have practicum clients to apply it with was another big draw over a program that ends on the final day of class. The marketing session I also found really helpful for considering how to offer these services in addition to the other doula related services I offer.”

- Sara Venaglia, Bay Area CA

Lactation Counselor, Birth and Pospartum Doula and Sleep Educator

“I took a while researching different certifying courses. I felt right away after coming across Sleep Savvy, that this was the right course for me. I have a more attachment based philosophy when it comes to infant care and Sleep Savvy fit exactly my way of thinking. I am very excited to see how sleep consulting becomes a part of my career.”

- Stacey Wooton

Postpartum doula. Vancouver, BC Canada

“I loved being able to talk through how to approach common client situations together with my peers. Plus the focus on how baby sleep affects parental mental health and how closely connected feeding and sleep often are (or at least feel to parents) was extremely insightful!”

- Patricia Grenseman, Gig Harbor WA

Postpartum doula, Sleep Educator and Consultant

“I’ve absolutely loved the one on one component of your course. It’s impossible to get real support from real humans these days and I’ve found your support to be a critical part of my sleep support journey. Thank you for being available for questions, suggestions and overall guidance.”

- Elisabeth Timpone Hudson Valley NY

Birth & Postpartum doula and CBC

This course was so very informative. I learned many different types of strategies for different ages. Moorea is very knowledgeable and very supportive. In other words, the course is just awesome.

-Rachel K

Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Sleep Savvy Consultant and Educator

I’m starting to get more sleep work than I know what to do with! I have had major success with clients and people keep recommending me!”

-Gwen Kiehne

Certified Sleep Savvy Consultant and Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula and Lactation Educator

“When it comes to sleep, there’s no one Is rather learn from than Moorea. Her energy is calm, her pacing is easily absorbable, and her sense of humor makes an otherwise-overwhelming topic approachable and (dare I say) fun! This is the kind of energy that helps sleep deprived parents find courage and follow their intuition, and was exactly the kind of modeling we need to see as students. Thanks for a fantastic, individualized mentorship approach to this topic and training – it’s inspiring on every level.”

-Adriane Stare, Brooklyn NY

Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Postpartum Doula

You Will be Prepared and Certified to: 

  • Provide sleep education to expecting and new parents in your own classes, workshops and newborn groups. (You will not be trained to educate other professionals.)
  • Support sleep-deprived parents effectively and ethically through unique tailored plans you co-create with them according to their goals, needs and values. 
  • Add biological and developmental sleep expertise and education to your current work or create a new whole business adventure.
  • Serve families in heart-warming work you feel deeply appreciated for and where you are well-paid.

Your course is mostly self-paced 40hrs of instruction and practicum.

Receiving Your Certification:

Exit Practicum Cases Summary 4-7 pages and Completion Interview by phone.

Candidates have 1 year from their enrollment date to finish all requirements of the program, unless you let me know about a hardship. This course could be completed in as little as 3 months. This is at your pace.

Attend Live 2 out of 4 live workshop video meetings and later watch those not attended live. Those of you out of the U.S. may ask for a slightly different arrangement with me. If you are unable to attend due to a birth or unforeseen health or family circumstance, we usually find a way to work it out, sometimes I add an additional meeting. I try to space times and days so that everyone can attend at least a couple live, no matter your schedule or place on the planet.
Group calls are Orientation, 4 Group Case Studies Calls and a Marketing and Packaging Class.
Group calls are 90 MIN to 2 HOURS long. Recorded and put into your classroom to listen to later if you cannot make it.


Orientation video, classroom and materials emailed to you – September 10th

Saturday, September 10th @ 9am Pacific/ 12noon Eastern orientation emailed

Tuesday, September 13th @ 9am Pacific/ 12noon Eastern Case Studies Call

Wednesday, September 21st @ 3pm Pacific/ 6pm Eastern Case Studies Call

Saturday, October 1st @ 9am Pacific/ 12noon Eastern Case Studies Call

Friday October 7th @ 2pm Pacific/ 5pm Eastern Case Studies Call

Marketing & Packaging Training call scheduled based on participant poll.

Remember, not all case study video calls need to be attended live, just at least 2 out of 4.

The rest of the year after the LIVE zoom calls is your practicum with my personal mentorship at your own pace, as well as ongoing group discussion. You can complete certification in as little as 3 months or take a full year, depending on your schedule and life circumstances. You also have my mentorship available before the course begins, if you have current clients that need sleep support.

Your tax-deductible investment is $1155

Now offering PayPal pay Later!

Most of my students have return on investment within the first 5 months or earlier. 

No annual fees, re-certification fees and no fee for ongoing access to your mentor.

MooreaYellowCircleReady to become a gentle sleep consultant? Please fill out this very brief application.

Thank you for your application, I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


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Refund Policy:
Once you have completed the course and mentorship practicum, students are eligible for a partial refund if you feel I did not provide the training or mentorship I promised.