Last day of me being in the studio (Evan takes over from here and will now lay down a little more bass, some keyboards and finish the mixing.)

After a long day and a half of laying down tracks- WhipItOut: Songs for Breastfeeding is almost done! And I am overthemoon about it!  The biggest highlight of many, for me, was George Dittmeier’s saxophone on Booby Snack, RockThisBaby and 1000 Raisins. I have never had sax on any of my albums, and of George’s playing, my brutally honest and well seasoned producer said, “I don’t usually like Alto sax, but I really like what George is doing.”  George’s young daughter, my good little friend Elsa, also came in and recorded her own song (which was a psychadelic trip for us adults about rainbows, candy, animals, miracles and returning home) and she also put some kid voice on Booby Snack.

Shulamit Kleinerman’s violin was brilliant, sparkly and melodic on three songs. Ophelia DeSerres’ harmonies were so perfectly timed to my wierd and quirky manner and timing that I will probably use her voice for every recording from here out, would take her on tour if I ever did that again and might try to convince her to become a duo with me 😉

I layed down my own harmonies for Witness and The Nakie…oh..are you interested in the names of all of the songs? In no particular order:

Booby Snack, Witness, 1000 Raisins, Deep December, The MamaBaby Connection, Bottoms Up, Miracle, Sleepy Sheepy, RockThisBaby, Lullabye, The Nakie.

The next blog will include a sneak listen at a finished song.