Keynote Presentation 45min or 3hr workshop: 


Prepare to sleep! For expecting parents and those with newborns. Get an education on infant sleep as it relates to the breastfeeding family. Want to avoid sleep training and cry-it-out? Want to teach your child to sleep with gradually less help from you? Curious about gentle ways to help baby sleep better that actually support your breastfeeding relationship? How can you have great naps and not be at home all day trying to make them happen?  Want to avoid the pitfall of all the exhausting rocking and bouncing?  Moorea at Savvy Parenting is here to help!  We will learn about biological sleep and infant/child sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, anthropology of sleep, sleep associations, safer sleep arrangements and dispelling the myths and learning valuable tools to promote sleep for everyone. We will discuss the available literature and studies and Moorea will share some amazing tips she has come to utilize as a sleep consultant, lactation counselor, Postpartum Doula and mom! 

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Savvy Gentle Discipline (6mo-3yrs) 

Biting? Hitting? Screaming in the restaurant? Throwing Food? Taking toys? “Not Listening”? Recklessness? Refusing to dress or eat? Moorea teaches a very gentle yet effective method of setting boundaries without punishment and provides you with important phrases little ears will understand, unique steps for solving conflicts and a new plan for consistency. We’ll spend the second hour workshopping your individual challenges.  We will laugh and have fun. Savvy Gentle Discipline is welcoming to all families and is a zero-judgment zone. We are all imperfect! Designed for the 6mo-3 year set, we welcome forward-thinking expecting parents and caregivers of younger babies as well. Includes take-home handouts.

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SLEEP SAVVY WORKSHOP (Gentle Sleep Skills for 4mo-4yrs)

You’re sleep deprived but you want to avoid sleep training and cry-it-out?  Want to teach your child to sleep with gradually less help from you? Curious about gentle ways to help sleep along without causing a rift in your relationship or hurting your breastfeeding relationship? Curious about where your child should sleep, night weaning and your child will sleep through the night ? Moorea at Savvy Parenting is here to help!

We will learn valuable tools to promote sleep for everyone. We will discuss the available literature and studies and Moorea will share some amazing tips she has come to utilize as a mom, postpartum doula, Certificated Lactation Counselor and Educator, preschool director and Parent Coach. In the last part of class, we will workshop your current sleep challenge or future fears and set you up with an awesome plan that works for your unique family. The best part is community and support! You are not doing it all wrong and you are not alone!

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POTTY SAVVY: Gentle Skill Building 10mo-4yrs

Are you ready to be done with diapers and avoid the stressful pitfalls potty training as you’ve seen others experience it? You can help save the planet and stop paying for or washing diapers much earlier than you ever expected! The Potty-Savvy gentle method is about teaching a skill set, modeling and spending quality time connecting with your child over basic hygiene. This method is based on biology and cultural anthropology of elimination the beginnings of respectful communication with our children. The workshop will send you home with an easy plan, unique tools, tips and confidence. Moorea’s system can be started as early as 10 months and is also appropriate for all preschool potty learning and challenges as well!  We will have a lot of fun and laughter talking about poop and pee!  

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Preventing and Ending Picky Eating in Children (6mo-10yrs)

Whether you already have major picky eating challenges at home or you have a baby and want to prevent picky eating from becoming your reality- this workshop is for you! Some kids only want to eat white carbs, some only fruit. Some want too much sweet and some pick like a birdie.  We will look at the roots of picky eating through the lenses of cultural anthropology, sensory perception, and behavioral challenges. Moorea will help each family go home with a new family plan for communicating about foods and meals including getting clear on where to have boundaries and consistency about eating and where to let go. What eating habits can you control and what shouldn’t you control as a parent? How can we clearly model healthy adventurous eating for our children that feels authentic? If picky eating is already a long term challenge, how can we reset? If we are just introducing solids to a baby, how can we use cultural anthropology and the science of the palate to prevent picky eating? How can we make new flavors and textures fun without sneaking around and hiding the elements? 

You already know what healthy food for your child would look like so you don’t need a nutritionist. This workshop tackles picky eating from a family-centered behavioral perspective. 2hrs. 

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Operating Instructions:  Breastfeeding, Infant sleep and Newborn Care Course for Expecting Parents

4-hour Course (with snacks, of course!)

This course is all you need beside your childbirth course!  Spend a day with Moorea for a full education on caring for your newborn including beyond-basic lactation, alternative feeding options, learning what to expect from infant biology and behavior around sleep to work up to excellent sleep skills and the nitty gritty of holding, changing, soothing and caring for your newborn so that you are prepared for every challenge that comes your way with pockets full of tools and tips and a confident, calm heart. Your doc or midwife won’t give you a manual, but I will! 


Moorea Malatt CPD, CLEC ( “Mo-ray-uh Muh-lot”)

Moorea Malatt is a Sleep Educator, Parenting Consultant, Certified Lactation Counselor-Educator, Postpartum Doula and Writer.
She’s a also a mom of two, a nature nerd, songwriter and former toddler preschool owner/director with a background in child development, psychology. Moorea loves to support families from first feedings through excellent sleep skill building, gentle discipline and potty learning! She currently takes working mom-cations traveling around the country giving workshops and keynote speeches. Her book Quitting the Sleep Circus is due in 2019. 

-Certified Lactation Counselor-Educator UC San Diego
-Postpartum Doula Seattle Midwifery School/Bastyr University
-BA Psychology University of Western Washington
-Certified Coach- Coach Training Alliance
-AA ECE Early Childhood Education and Development- Cal State Northridge 

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