Here is where I give life-snippets which lead to the songs on Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding!

Rock This Baby

As is said on the original video, a song born out of the frustration of sleep depravation. I really do mean ALL day and ALL night in those lyrics. Our daughter has central sleep apnea which wakes her every hour since 2 months old (cause still under investigation) so this song was born on the rocking chair (which I now can’t use anymore because it squeaks terribly). I only recently re-remembered that my cousins baby (now 5) has the same problem. My cousin also had hyperemesis (severe vomiting) during her pregnancy, so who knows if there is a link. I am contemplating starting a sleep dep. survivors group-like I really need one more project right now!  Its the first song on the album becuase it just sums up my life. Rock the baby. Hold the baby. Nurse the baby. Love the baby. And keep singing because if you don’t keep singing, you’ll go crazy.

1000 Raisins

I was thinking about all of the children I have ever loved and seen grow up, or missed growing up. I was a nanny to so many children, but some particularly special.   I am so lucky that I was able to have my own child who I will see the whole way through and I hope to be able to be present to all of her special moments as time truly flies. I was also inspired in this song by “How You’ve Grown” an old 1000 Maniacs song. This is the sort of presence of mind and gratefulness I try and bring to the daily challenges of parenthood- missing socks? Is there a way to stop being annoyed and marvel in the size of the one tiny little sole/soul. Toys everywhere? How lucky am I that there are safe toys to entertain my child and help her learn?! (and distract her for a moment?!)  The stuffies and library verse is particularly for my friend Elsa.

More to come….