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Need local support? These are trusted sleep experts mentored directly by me, trained and vetted by my Sleep Savvy Certification Process. They can provide sleep education and consulting, home visits, and postpartum care!

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Seattle, WA – Lola Katschke CD(PALS), PCS(NAPS), CLE grew up in warm Sao Paulo, Brazil, and after moving to Seattle, dove deep into her calling to be a birth and postpartum doula. She realized her unique ability to recognize and cater to people’s individual needs and to support them in their transition to parenthood. These skills are the foundation of Lola’s practice. She works with families in-person in the greater Seattle area.
Lola the Doula

Gwen Kiehne
Bangalore, India – Prachi is the founder of Snugbub, where she supports parents as a certified babywearing educator and sleep doula. She is passionate about educating and empowering parents with the right parenting tools to ease out the struggles of the initial years after childbirth. Prachi and her team also run a community for mothers providing round the clock support.

Arin Willey, LMHC, R-DMT has experienced firsthand the pain and suffering of infant sleep troubles, but her young children are living proof that with the right adjustments any child can become a great sleeper!  As a psychotherapist who specializes in maternal mental health, Arin understands that sleep is a key component of emotional, mental and physical well-being for the whole family. She is honored to work with families and help them to lead healthier and happier lives. To learn more, please visit: Movement Matters Therapy.

Gwen Kiehne

Seattle, WA – Joy MacTavish, IBCLC, RLC, Ma is a lactation consultant (IBCLC), baby-wearing consultant, and supports families with holistic parenting education and support. She works with families in-person in the greater Seattle area and by phone. To learn more, please visit: Sound Beginnings.

Denver, CO – Mac Brydum, MSW, CLEC, CD (DTI) is a dad, a birth and postpartum doula, lactation educator, and sleep savvy consultant. He is passionate about providing inclusive support to LGBTQ families throughout their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys. Mac lives Seattle, WA with his wife, child and pets. To learn more, please visit: ThatDoulaGuy.com

Mac is certified with Doula Trainings International, University of California San Diego and Sleep Savvy right here!


Mac Brydum Doula
Gwen Kiehne

Seattle, WA – Gwen Kiehne found her calling as a postpartum doula in 2011, two years after the birth of her daughter. Having a child with colic and very little family support motivated her to apply her background in research and caregiving to be the help that she wish she had as a new parent. Since then she has completed certifications as a lactation educator, a labor support doula, and a sleep consultant using the Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep method. She chose to certify with the Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep method because it is evidence based, breastfeeding friendly, and respectful of the attachment relationship between parents and their children.

Gwen Kiehne serves the Seattle area for in-person consults and has also successfully supported families remotely. To learn more, please visit: SeattleFamilyDoula.com.


Charlotte, NC – Andrea Gerdes is a certified birth doula (BAI), trained postpartum doula, and certified sleep specialist. Her journey to a career in birthwork began with her own births, each of which was very different and special in its own way. As a doula, she is passionate about sharing evidence based information with their clients so they can make the best decisions for them and then supporting them every step of the way.. As a sleep specialist, she loves to provide families with the confidence they need to help their babies (and themselves!) get more sleep. You can find her business, Complete Joy Birth Services, at CharlotteNCDoula.com.

Andrea lives and works in Charlotte, NC. When not attending to the needs of her clients, you will find her hanging out with her amazing husband, homeschooling her three wonderful kids, drinking lots of coffee, or reading one of her many unfinished books.

Boston, MA- Heather Magill is a certified postpartum doula (DONA) and gentle sleep coach (Sleep Savvy). Her experiences raising her own three kids, now school-aged, have taught her that with each new baby comes a unique combination of personalities, circumstances, and needs, and given her a passion for helping families to sort through the noise to find solutions that work for them. One thing we all have in common is a need for support and encouragement in our parenting journeys, and she aims to bring a sense of calm, confidence, and connection to the early parenting experience. She offers support over the phone as well as home visits throughout the Boston/North Shore area.
Lavender Doula Care

Seattle, WA – As a mother of two teenagers, Jill Colley still remembers the agony of the night she tried the Cry It Out (CIO). It was torture for mom and baby, and she never tried it again.  Instead, she spent countless hours holding, rocking, singing and finally sleeping with her babies (and then toddlers) to coax them to sleep and to stay asleep.  If only she’d known there was a gentler, more parental-present way to help babies learn to fall asleep.  Now as a sleep coach certified in the Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep method and postpartum doula, she finds it immensely rewarding to successfully coach families with their sleep challenges and to help them avoid the gut-wrenching experience of CIO.  Jill serves the Seattle, WA area and beyond. To learn more, please visit: JillColleyDoula.com

Jill Colley Doula

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Betsy Maddox Zandstra, Vermont

Hillary Wollin North Bay Area, CA



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Also Sleep Savvy Trained…Photos Coming Soon: 

Betsy Maddox Zandstra, Vermont

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