Finally Get Your Little Monkey Sleeping! (9mo-3yrs)

When You’re Desperately Needing a Better Night’s Sleep for Yourself and for Your Child…

Sleep Science for Weaning Toddlers

Do you want to avoid Cry-It-Out, but nothing you have tried has worked?

Do you want to teach your child how to wake less, go down easier and need less help from you at night?

Are you are curious about night weaning or have conflicted feelings about the effect on the parent-child relationship?

 Are you nursing down to sleep multiple times a night and exhausted? 

Are you transitioning your toddler into a new room or new bed?

Do you wonder how to get the right nap schedule or duration for optimal nighttime sleep?

Good Tot Sleep means Good Parent Sleep
Solid Rest for Toddler
Baby Sleeps Well
Get Toddler to Sleep

Sleep Savvy Tot Online Course 

What’s included?

  • 1.5hr slide and voice course in online video format!
  • Printable Sleep Savvy Tot Course PDFs
  • Compilation of Studies that Support Gentle Sleep Learning vs. Cry-It-Out
  • Printable Family Worksheet to Create Your Sleep Plan
  • Toddler Savvy Smoothies for Healthy Weight Gain
  • 10 Awesome Ways to Help Your Baby and Toddler Sleep Better Now PDF
  • 1 Email Exchange with Moorea so she can answer your questions before you begin your new plan!

…all found in a convenient member-only website!

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Baby sleeping close to her mother, holding her finger


Hi, I'm Moorea Malatt.

I've been working with babies and tots for over 20 years and I'm also a mom. As a postpartum doula and overnight nanny, I read every sleep book and practiced Cry-It-Out for any families that asked. As a parent, I knew that leaving a child alone to cry wasn't right and I set about to create a sleep course for families that value breastfeeding / chestfeeding and might even have co-slept with their babies. I began teaching this method to private clients and in local workshops and I now have over 600 satisfied families. Maybe you're not ready for a parent coaching sleep package yet or maybe you want to try out my methods before you talk to me? Most parents will have great success by implementing the easy, step-by-step Sleep Savvy Course. You tailor the course to your unique needs and values!


Thank you very much for this detailed plan. Our little girl is happily sleeping and without Cry-it-Out!  I felt like a new person b/c I hadn’t had that much sleep in a row in over a year.  I even started having dreams again! Thanks so much for your help. I honestly feel like a different person!


Seattle, WA

I just want to say thank you times a million. In just these three days I now have my life back and she is a champion sleeper!!

Daphne M

New York, NY

Moorea! Thank you so much for having that special call with us. You’re right, I think I needed some help with consent around my body and boundaries and it was making sleep a bigger challenge than it needed to be. We feel more confident and our quality time is better because we are not so exhausted!

Elizabeth and Dave

Cape May, NJ

Everyone told me it was Cry It Out or don’t sleep till she’s 5. I never knew a sleep coach would work with parents who want to co-sleep and breastfeed after a year. Thank you so much for working with our individual needs and helping me get twice the sleep I was getting!


Los Angeles, CA

Thanks Moorea! We did go ahead with “turkey,” sleep plan you gave us and it worked like a charm – after 2 not-too-bad nights, that is. Totally worth the effort and the investment!

Emma, mom to 17mo girl

Seattle, WA

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll immediately receive access to the member area where you can get all the course materials. I add new resources all the time! You will have access to this course for a full year.

Ready to say bye-bye to sleepless nights? If you create a plan with this course and follow it through, I money-back-guarantee you will see results.


$39.95Buy Now

Here is to a good night sleep to both you and yours!

ps. I’m already looking forward to hearing your success stories after going through this course!


No Risk. I have a 100% money-back guarantee if you're truly ready to work with me! Are you ready to make change and follow the plan we co-create for 4 days? I can afford my guarantee due to my 100% satisfaction rate - because parents I work with align with gentle, respectful parenting values and are pumped to start making changes.