Taking the Plunge: Finally Getting Out of Diapers and Training Pants

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Do you have a toddler or preschooler and wonder how potty skills get actually completed? Had some potty success but can’t seem ditch the diapers or disposable trainers?

Would you like potty learning to be a bonding experience and not a fight?

Would you like to improve the health of your child and our planet?

 Have you gone off track because of refusal, withholding and anxiety?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you are in the right place!

Hi, I’m Moorea Malatt.

I was a preschool teacher and director for 8 years and then a mom of two kids. I taught Reggio Emilio style but loved the Montessori method of integrating potty into preschool as a basic life skill. As a parent consultant, I’ve now been coaching families to become Potty Savvy privately and in sold-out workshops for many years.

I’ve been selling my “Potty Savvy” online course for earlier potty learning between 10 and 18 months- but so many folks reached out and said “I didn’t know we could do potty that early, have we missed the window. My child is 2 and a half now!”  No! There is no one window but parents have to be committed to teaching a skill. So I’ve create a plan for potty completion at the preschool age!

 NO SHAMING- of parents or kids! Just gentle opportunities for hygienic elimination.

Start where you’re at!

You’ll Learn:

  • 4 reasons potty learning often fails any how to avoid or correct those mistakes. 
  • 3 ways we confuse our children about potty learning, making completion difficult- and how to make skills, expectations crystal clear. 
  • Why many of the more “gentle” readiness methods or “wait it out”  wind up causing more forcing and tears in the end. 
  • How this respectful method will give your child consent and agency of their own body while simultaneously helping you learn to have clear and consistent boundaries. 

Taking the Plunge includes: 

Everything you need to go from notice to confident and potty proficient – or to simply unclog your already stuck potty practice.

  • 2 hr video workshop.  
  • Audio recording to play anywhere. 
  • Quick-Reminder PDFs to stash near the potty
  • Hand-picked tool kit of links and external resources
  • 1 email exchange to answer your questions.

In this online do-it-yourself course for families of newbie toddlers and preschoolers and those who already have potty challenges.

I provide my best tips for starting up or re-routing a course gone off track on the potty train!

This course is right for you if…

You are curious, motivated, and dedicated in your parenting. You, the parent, feel ready to kick the diaper habit and help your child find independence, hygiene and toileting health.

You need a plan for next steps from an experienced potty mentor to help you through the common challenges of helping a toddler/preschooler learn potty skills even when it is age-appropriate to resist everything from teeth brushing, to hand washing, to putting on clothing.

You’re looking for help with common challenges like potty refusal, stool withholding, frequent misses, challenges communicating about potty with the other caregivers in your child’s life.

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll immediately receive access to the course content on my site. All of my courses and services are MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED as long as you make your best effort to consistently follow the plan we co-create.

Happy potty learning!

I’m already looking forward to hearing your success stories after sharing this course with your child!