Sleep Savvy Baby Online Course (0-8mo)


For New Parents Needing A Better Night’s Sleep without CRY-IT-OUT



Do you prepare for a child who sleeps well and lets you sleep without but Cry-it-Out?

Do you want to teach your baby how to wake less, go down easier and need less help from you at night?

Are you wondering how much your baby needs to eat at night and how changing night feedings will effect your parent-child relationship or breastfeeding / chestfeeding goals?

Are you exhausted and feeling a little nuts?

Do you wonder how to get the right nap schedule or nap duration going for your family to have optimal nighttime sleep? Do you wonder when to move out of a swaddle, swing co-sleeping or carseat naps?

Would you like to learn if bedsharing or co-sleeping is the best and safest choice for your unique family?


  • 1hr slide and voice course in online video format!
  • Compilation of Studies that Support Gentle Sleep Learning vs. Cry-It-Out
  • Printable Family Worksheet
  • 10 Awesome Ways to Help Your Baby and Toddler Sleep Better Now PDF
  • Access to Savvy Parenting Facebook Group to chat with Moorea and your gentle parenting peers
  • Email access to Moorea so she can answer your questions!

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll immediately receive access to all the course materials. I add new resources all the time! You will have access to this course for a full year.

Ready to say bye-bye to sleepless nights? If you create a plan with this course and follow it through, I money-back-gaurantee you will see results.

Here is to a good night sleep to both you and yours!

I’m already looking forward to hearing your success stories after using this course!