Re-writing Birth




Lets re-write the narrative of your birth story (and/or early feeding story) to:

*Process the challenges, traumas and joys through narrative therapy

*Re-claim your power with the magic of words and reframing- whether you want to ragefully own and call it what it was, or reframe.

*Make the story fully belong to you and your baby and reframe or omit elements that did not deserve center stage.

Hi! I’m Moorea Malatt. I’m a PMH-C Perinatal Mental Health certified lactation counselor, doula and sleep educator. I experienced a 5 day traumatic birth after an already traumatic pregnancy in 2010 and was able to re-write my story in a way that makes me feel proud and powerful- where some might say all of my power was taken away from me bit by bit- I now know the opposite was true. I now love to provide this narrative healing for other birthing parents

We meet for 90 minutes on Zoom – wherein I’ll hear your story in full and then suggest reflections to take. I will send some notes with suggestions for the writing of your story and then continue to give you positive feedback and more suggestions for second edit. Zoom and email. 

Please email me before buying this package. If you feel like your daily life or parenting is effected by birth or feeding trauma, let me know if you have now or have had counseling in the past for this challenge. moorea@savvyparentingsupport.com