Professional Case Support 30min




A quick 30 Min of professional case support and mentorship for any sleep or postpartum professional who have not taken my Sleep Savvy certification training. These topics and many more:

  • Postpartum support professional mentorship, practical and business.
  • Clients who want to stay bedspring but improve sleep.
  • Clients who want to transition out of bedsharing.
  • Clients working on prioritizing lactation but want better sleep.
  • Kiddos crawling out of the crib or unable to stay in their room.
  • Clients with Postpartum Anxiety, Depression and/or recovering from Psychosis/hospitalization.
  • Clients with medical conditions for parent or babe
  • Clients who want to stay in the room with baby through a sleep plan.

You’ll get a link to my calendly, or if the available times do not work for you, you can email with a few that would work.

Zoom call, recording sent to you!