Potty Savvy Online Course


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Would you like to be done with diapers as early as 10 months?

Would you like potty learning to be a bonding experience and not a fight?

Would you like to improve the health of your child and our planet?

Do you disapprove of current methods including shame, boot camp, bribery, or waiting until 3 years?

Did you try elimination communication but found it challenging?

Is it impossible to change your moving baby’s diaper?


Hi! I’m Moorea Malatt! I’m a mom and teacher with 20 years of experience in toddler and infant care. As a parent coach I’ve been coaching families to become Potty Savvy privately and in sold-out workshops for years.

NO FORCING. NO SHAME. Just gentle opportunities for hygienic elimination.

“Moorea, don’t you have an online course on potty-learning that I can take at my own pace?”

“I’m far away from you! Do you offer any easy-to-take virtual potty learning class?”

“Any way to learn from you with a smaller price point than your private coaching?”

In this online do-it-yourself course, I’ve shared my unique 12-step, 12-week Potty Savvy method of early potty learning (for tots 10-18mo) with tips after tips, ranging from what look for when selecting a potty to how to make potty time fun to addressing various challenges many parents face during the potty learning process.



    •  You are curious, motivated, and dedicated in your parenting. You are progressively world-minded and lean toward an eco-friendly home. You are excited to teach your child the new skill of potty, but you haven’t spent your life working with young children, so you aren’t sure the best way to peacefully help your child out of diapers.
    • You’re either ready to be done with the challenge and expense of diapers and excited about learning my Potty Savvy (starting around 10-18 months) early potty course or you are ready to move onto what’s next after Elimination Communication (EC) with your baby.
    •  You need plan with clear and gradual steps that make the daunting task of completing potty learning easy and exciting! You need to know how to prevent the common mishaps of constipation and stool withholding that often complicate the potty learning experience. You need help communicating to your child’s other caregivers about your new potty plan. You need to start where you are without any judgement about cloth versus disposables or what potty methods you have tried so far. You’re ready for freedom from diapers to come quickly and you are ready to use potty learning as a wonderful bonding opportunity.

These are what you get when you sign up for this DIY online course:

  • 1.5 hour slide and voice seminar (in online video format)
  • Potty Savvy Cloth Options Report Document with Links
  • Smooth Move and Potty Groove (preventing constipation) PDF
  • Printable Worksheet

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll immediately receive access to all the course materials. All of my courses and services are MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED. I’ve never had an unhappy client!

Happy potty learning!

I’m already looking forward to hearing your success stories after sharing this course with your child!