Parent Calm, Power & Freedom Counseling Sessions


You’ll get a 1 hour phone session plus a Calm & Empower Plan via email.



You’ll get a 1 hour phone session plus a short written Plan via written via email and two email responses. You can purchase one session as you need them; or if you purchase 3 sessions in your cart at once, the 4th session will be free.

  • Help you release feelings of being overwhelmed, stuck, confused or frustrated in your parenting or your life challenges.
  • Help you create or enhance your self care plan!
  • Help you separate what you CAN do to help your child / family vs what you can let go of.
  • Powerful breathing, centering and/ or decision-making exercises (non-religious but I also love to work to incorporate any spiritual beliefs you may hold dear.).
  • Calming parenting phrases/ mantras to help you daily.
  • I use my keen intuition, experience in parenting and relationships as well as any referrals to other providers as needed.
  • Leave the call feeling calm, confident and supported by a friend/big sister/loving mentor and ready to move forward with next steps.
  • You can ask me to provide “homework” or send reminder emails for items you wish to tackle and need accountability for. Two email responses from me come with your session.

My special areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Postpartum mood challenges and overwhelm through the first two years.
  • Feeding and weaning challenges and how they effect our moods and identities
  • Divorce coaching, separation and relationship challenges & lactation during divorce.
  • Career, identity and loss of creative self & related struggles during the early parenting years
  • LGBTQQ parents, alternative family structures

NOTE: If you are experiencing what sounds like a clinical depression or other major mental health concern beyond baby blues or functional anxiety, I will insist on working with you only if you will also work with a licensed mental healthcare care provider in your state simultaneously. I can help you find that person whether or not you hire me for support- finding mental healthcare can be overwhelming and I’m skilled at this sort of support as I am a special coordinator at Postpartum Support International.

Moorea Malatt is PMH-C Perinatal Mental Health Certified from PSI International; a Lactation Counselor-Educator from UC San Diego; a Certified Life and Executive Coach from Coach Training Alliance.