Operating Instructions: Private Newborn Care, Lactation and Sleep Prep!


3 Total Hours of Private Meeting time to prepare you to care for your baby and yourselves through this big transition.



Choose either in one 3 hour session with a couple small breaks or spread into two 1.5hr sessions on different days. Typically on Zoom or in person, if you are within 15 miles.

Nobody hands you a definitive manual, but this workshop will teach you everything you need to know to parent your new baby in short time! This package includes Lactation and Feeding, Newborn Care and Sleep Preparation education as well as three email follow-up responses to your questions.

Lactation and Feeding preparation: anatomy, function, latch, comfort, preventing and addressing common challenges, bottle-feeding, pumping, second parent or caregiver attachment, longevity, how to make big feeding decisions and more!

Newborn Care: Diapering options and skills, cleaning/bathing, newborn quirks, holding and comfort positions, colic management and prevention and more.

Sleep Preparation: Science and development-based sleep education, sleep set up and informed decision making, preventing sleep challenges, finding compromise on sleep goals as a family.

*Course title is taken from the hilarious Anne Lamott memoir on newborn parenting, Operating Instructions.