Small Biz Support Sessions




One 55min call plus Zoom audio recording.

You have business in transition, a new biz or a business that is about to scale! I’ve been a Life and Executive Coach for 17 years (Certified by Coach Training Alliance). I’ve owned three of my own businesses and scaled two of them!

Don’t re-invent the wheel! Learn from my mistakes and successes! I’d love to support you with my best advice, tips and support. We can talk branding/ re-branding, offer creation and boundaries, website, creating and selling online courses, applications / services, social media, ideal client targeting, marketing and social ads, networking in the online and in-person arenas!

I’ll draw upon multiple recent business and marketing trainings as well as some more unconventional modalities like working with your Enneagram personality, doing Byron Katie’s 4 Question work with you, and doing some shadow work around your fears and challenges.

Along with coaching business owners and coaching in the areas of PMDD, PMS, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, and Divorce Coaching, I’m a Perinatal Mental Health Certified PMH-C, Sleep consultant (I’ve taught over 100 consultants) Lactation counselor, and former Postpartum Doula. I’ve owned two toddler preschools in the past and directed two others.

Sessions are $125. Please be prepared to take notes.

If we don’t know one another, please book a Get-to-Know call so we can determine if we’d be a good fit!