Inner Dragons




My goal is to support you through challenges quickly and efficiently and help you build concrete skills and confidence in your own intuition and abilities. In other words, my goal is to move you OUT of my practice.

I offer 55min support sessions weekly for 4 weeks as an initial package at $480 with additional 55min calls for $120 after our work together is established.

We can begin with a free 15 min consult to determine fit.
Then, we set up to start with a package of 4 sessions.

I take payment by PayPal or Venmo and will send you a service product to click or a special invoice. I do not take any insurance. I am not a state licensed mental health counselor, though I’ve had years of training toward that work and I’m completing a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. In this current delivery, I have the freedom to offer more of my experience and advice. I often do make referrals out to some great therapists and doctors when clients have an acute need.

Calls are held via Zoom and are fully confidential.