Free Sleep Savvy Webinar

Sleep Savvy Webinar: The Art and Science of Breastfeeding and Sleep
February 2, 2017 at 12:00 PM, Eastern Time (US and Canada)



How to prepare to have a baby who sleeps well and lets you sleep without ever having to use Cry-It-Out methods. Gently guide your baby toward waking less and going down easier while needing less help from you at night over time.

Sleep safety for infants. How to decide if crib, co-sleeping or bed-sharing is right for you and your baby.

How much your baby needs to eat at night at different stages and how to balance night feedings with the parent’s need for sleep.

Learn all about infant sleep cycles and waking, circadian rhythms and sleep hormones as they relate to breastfeeding.

How to get the right nap schedule or nap duration going for your family to have optimal nighttime sleep. Whether or not to use swaddle, swing, pacifier or car-seat naps.


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