Double Trouble Sleep Support Package




Double the fun…double the sleep deprivation? 

You have 2 or more kiddos (siblings or multiples) and you need sleep support for the whole family!
We will co-create a gentle, effective and respectful tailored plan for your collective sleep needs and I’ll support you all the way to peace! You’ll have sleep all night and evenings to relax. Maybe you need to end night waking and/or difficult bedtimes. Maybe you need to change up your sleeping arrangements so everyone gets more Zzzz’s.

 • Two 60 minute intake and plan-building calls (Ok if kids are there and interrupt) 

• Three 30-minute follow up zoom or phone calls. 

 • A clear, WRITTEN action plan for both children -PDF sent to you after the first call, with a section for each child with integration of their individual needs.

 • 6 follow-up emails to use whenever you need them. Only my response to you counts.