Better Biz Boundaries, Baby!




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This webinar is for:

➥ Birth and Postpartum Doulas

➥ Newborn Care Specialists

➥ Lactation Professionals

➥ Anyone in the family sector who needs it!


You will learn: 

☀ How to attract clients who will appreciate every drop of your time with them and weed out challenging clients who will always be asking for changes, extras and accommodations.

☀ How the copy (language) on your website can inform clients of your self-respect and the value you place on your time and services- and teach clients how to treat you well even before you begin working with them! 

☀ How clear and boundary-full detailed language in your package descriptions and contracts will protect your time and energy and prevent stressful situations.

☀ Some new effective clauses and language for your contracts to explain your old and new boundaries. (Though I am not a lawyer and can not give legal advice, only lived recommendation.)

☀ How to manage prospective clients who ask for reduced rate or discount and how to create a place for sliding scale or pro-bono work in your practice so you know you are serving the community in a way that feels good to you and doesn’t abuse your boundaries! 

☀ When to accommodate and when not to. How to check your intuition and your energy levels so that you never have to look back and say “I wish I hadn’t given in there.”

☀ How to create add-on offers to get you properly paid for the support you’re currently giving away for free!!

Note: If you are already enrolled in the Sleep Savvy Certification and Mentorship Course, you can view this live webinar for free.