Artemis Energy: 60min boundaries support




One 60min video zoom call (and audio recording of our time together)

➼ Co-Create a plan to set a new boundary

➼ Co-create the language that is loving and firm

➼ Learn how to tolerate the response.

You may have heard of Artemis with her bows and arrows, the Goddess of the hunt- but she is also the protector of childbirth and midwifery, and of children. She is a great protector of her self and her sovereignty; she protects against rape; she is protector of the forest and Boundary Holder extraordinaire.

While our boundaries are clear words and physical edges rather than arrows, boundaries may seem to inconvenience or cause big feelings in others, which is why it can be so hard to set them. And our culture simply didn’t teach us how. But our boundary not only protects us, it protects the loved one who would deal with the later consequences of us not taking care of ourselves.

Do you need to set a boundary with your parent? Your partner? Your kiddo? Your nursling?

What’s the behavior that’s been bothering you and you know you need to set a new boundary?