When the news blew up about the possible risks of Miralax use in children, I was not surprised. My local children’s hospital, CHOP, is currently involved in a study that will tell us if this chemical is causing physical and neurological illnesses in children. As a potty consultant, this has been on my radar for years. I have been concerned that most of my potty-challenged families already may have been on Miralax for as much as 6 months or 2 years. The allegations and the study are scary because I imagine our rates of this supplement’s daily usage could be about 10% of children. This will be on the backs of pediatricians and not the company.

I have also had a parent tell me “I just get a bad feeling about the Miralax, I think it may have made his behavior worse or maybe I just became a terrible parent with the potty stress.” She was a phenomenal parent. That was the first time I had heard about possible side-effects of Miralax. When you talk to most folks about Miralax, you may hear “Isn’t it just fiber?” But the truth is that it is a synthetic chemical Polyethelene Glycol polymer (similar to how they make parafin, PVC and thermoplastics).

Mainly I want to give families more natural alternatives, because regardless of what the study concludes, Miralax has become a long-term treatment for the real problem of chronic constipation. Miralax only masks the problem. Many children are on Miralax for 1 or 2 years until they find a new practitioner to help them get off of it and address the real underlying issues. 

Watch my recording on this from a FB Live session for my best tips on avoiding constipation problems forming in the first place and addressing them naturally: 

Find a printable version of these suggestions in 6 Tips for Preventing Constipation During Potty Learning.

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Note: I, the Author, am not a medical, naturopathic or nutrition professional. Please consult your care providers before making changes to your diet or supplement regimen. These are just suggestions I have seen work. If you do not trust your child’s current health care provider to give you advice about this issue, please find a new care provider who will listen.

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