MarmaladeJamThere is a great prenatal yoga teacher that teaches at two great places near my house and I went to one on tuesday. I had asked the teacher by email if I could join the secret preggo society and that I’m a doula and TTC, etc and she Okayed it. It was really lovely and I really liked the ladies- in all different stages, I really loved the teacher who told me after class that she read some articles saying that if you hang out around pregnant women, the progesterone will sync up your own body towards fertility. So I decided I’ll go twice a week!

I wanted to go to her other class today but must have read the schedule wrong because it was not prenatal yoga. It was all-levels yoga with stinky guys. I stayed anyway and got a really good flow-yoga work out. But that’s not my favorite yoga. My favorite yoga is “restorative” where you can stretch your hips in “suptabadakranasana” (sp?) for up to a whole fifteen minutes – and with my tight hip flexors, that feels like heaven. But I guess exersize is good too.

I just got really bad deja vu like I wrote this blog six months ago. I think it’s the “Mayers Cocktail” my naturopath/midwife gave me today to ward off my allergies so I can really quit the antihistimines before inseminating. Of course when I went in today it was like my allergies had already dissapeared, but we did it anyway because it’s still the beginning of June and the tall grasses still look scary. It’s a huge syringe full of vitamin c, calcium, magnesium and b. vitamins, pushed through a needle into my vein. It left me a little high feeling. a “Naturopathic High”. And so far I feel really great. K and I have dance class tonight- we’re learning to mambo.