Moorea’s obsessive pregnancy-swine flu research:

 1)   100 percent of swine flu vaccine going out this month of October is the living-virus nasal spray which cannot be used on pregnant women or babies because of it’s propensity to actually cause the flu itself. How does this measure up with the current info constantly broadcast that pregnant women are the most vulnerable and should be among the first to get vaccinated?

2.Our state of WA has long had a limit on the amount of mercury that can be injected into pregnant women in vaccines.

As of this week, the state overruled those limits because there will likely not be enough no-murcury swine flu vaccine available to all WA state pregnant women and babies. They have decided that swine flu has a greater risk than the levels of mercury present in the shots.

None of this is making sense to me!!!! I’m beginning to think this entire thing is a gov’t-big pharma scam!!

They should be urging women to work from home as much as possible and to stay fairly closed off. They should be telling everyone to buy Vitamin D supplement, Take multivitamins, eat well, sleep, etc.

Instead, they want to spray kool-aid up your nose.