Well, it happened. There is sperm in my uterus. It has been there for hours now and I didn’t post sooner because after a half hour of resting in bed we had to go to a luau. (It was fun and K. held a tiny baby while I created shrimp skewers for the grill).

It was a really great experience being at home with K and the Dr. Brandy- but I was a little nervous as it was going in and afterwards and even shaking a tad bit and having to remember to breathe. It did not hurt.It really helped that Dr. Brandy looked like she had done intra-uterine inseminations zillions of times and she laughed at all the jokes K and I cracked the whole time. K got to push the sperm out of the syringe (very slowly!). It was insanely hard to remember to breathe but as soon as I started breathing I started praying and that felt good. I worked customer service troubleshooting for my fun internship remotely because I forgot to pick up my library books and truly “resting”..um,what’s that?  Tomorrow we will insert the other vial and I will try to meditate, though.

Our luau hosting friend asked if I felt wierd or bad since a friend of hers doing fertility treatments had a lot of nausea at procedures- and though I had no bad symptoms because it’s not really a fertility treatment- I do admit to asking the doctor whether I could have gotten an air embolism if there was air in the syringe.   Her scientific answer put me at ease: it takes 10ml or more of air to cause a uterine air embolism.

Yes, one more time tomorrow and then we wait for my temperature to go up and stay up, hoping it will stay up for a very long time. Or we try again next month. The “chinese gender predictor” says if I concieve this month it will be a boy and next month it would be a girl. Hmm…

Dr. Brandy told us a story of a patient of hers who was also a lesbian whom when she saw the boy’s genitals on the ultra-sound, it occured to her that it was the first penis that had ever been “inside her”. Tee Hee!