(The official hospital transfer and emergency plan was created and is more traditional and thorough than this one, but we have put that in the diaper bag to hopefully be forgotten about forever. Thinking only the most positive thoughts!)

Moorea’s Ideal Home Birth!

 –         Karolyn, Doula Audra and Midwives Felice Barnow and/or Teresa Evans present.

(I may request visits long or short from Amelia, Kristin or Lizza if they are available. All others/ food-bringers may say hello but please make them say goodbye promptly!)

Early Labor: (Purpose to distract me while someone else times surges discreetly)

-Rest or sleep if at night or early morning, nap if possible in afternoon.

-Meet each surge with appropriate breathing.

-Visit a beach with K or friend, if not too rainy.

-Have a fabulous restaurant meal with K and/or friends.

-Finish any organizing/ prep.

– Take Dog off for bathing, drop at friend house.

-Start fire in hearth, re-arrange furniture together.

 Active Labor: (Purpose: Focus and Relaxation)  * CALL FOR BIRTH TUB to be brought in once Midwife confirms active.

-Fully trusting our midwives to have ideas and help us make decisions about speeding labor, positions, transfer etc.

-Minimal internal exams at my request.

-Up and walking, yoga, yoga ball.

-Use of hypnobirthing relaxation techniques assisted by doula and partner.

-Use of shower and birthing pool, birth in pool if timing is right.

-Eating and drinking normally, a friend fetches  or makes exactly what I want like- strawberries dipped in cane-sugar-free chocolate!

-A spiritual, spa-like atmosphere with music, low voices, massage, pampering, aromatherapy.

-Singing songs or vocalizing “ahh”, “yes” or “om” through surges.

-Enjoying sunshine, if there is any!

-Otherwise very dim lighting, possibly only candles.

-Massage, oil and hot compress for perenium if out of tub.

-Placenta saved in plastic bag put in freezer for later planting under new tree.

 Baby Iris:

-No cloth-rubbing or suctioning unless there are breathing difficulties.

-Immediate skin-to-skin contact with Moorea (mama), warm blankets/towels fetched.

-Umbilical cord cut by partner, Karolyn (Poppy) only after pulsation stops.

-Delayed weighing while bonding with mothers.

-After initial eye-gazing, baby transferred skin-to-skin with Karolyn while placenta delivers and I get cleaned up.

-No eye ointment or silver nitrate.

-No Vit. K for baby.  Mother will take Vit. K supplement.