I am sad to report that I did only get 5 days of relief of nausea from the accupuncture. I went back to the doc keep it going and it seemed to reset me back to throwing up water all over again for 5 days. Today so far has been a half -good today. Good because though I’m nauseous, I’ve kept lunch and breakfast in and also helped K paint the livingroom with no-VOC paint. I was actually productive and not a complete dud. Of course, a two hour nap happened in the middle of the day. Making it past 2pm awake does not usually happen these days and when I do push that for work, i get extra nauseous.

I think I’m not going back to accupuncture. I sort of want to see what would happen a third time but I have to work so much this coming week that I can’t make an appointment. And my parents are coming to town! Yay!!!

The baby is still craving processed foods including frozen dinners. It’s disgusting but I’ll take whatever stays down. This child will come out shedding salt. 

And more and more people are telling me they were nauseous their entire pregnancy. Thanks for that. Since suicidal is not a good place for a pregnant woman’s mind to be, we’re assuming this nonsense will promptly stop in less than 4 weeks from now.