So it has been a while and two hospital trips since I last wrote- so I’m sure it is obvious why I’ve been MIA on the blogsphere.

Last week I spent some time in the hospital getting lots of fluids and glucose. I had thrown up about 20 times one day and when K got home from work I begged her to take me to the hospital and my Midwife called the UW Medical Center and made it easy for me to get admitted.

It turns out I had previously failed to see the big picture which was that for two months I had been literally starving and deeply dehydrated. I stayed in my hospital room with strong IV anti-barf meds until they could get the ketones out of my urine. I was very ketonic which meant my liver was working overtime converting my body’s fatty acids into gluose for energy and my kidneys were very strained. They kept me from vomiting in the hospital and thier threat of putting in a feeding tube made me determined to start eating as soon as I could. I healed very fast.

I came home with new meds and felt much better that day, but then the next day and the day after I threw up once each- the second day I vomited a bunch of blood which was something they warned me about in the hospital- torn esophagus- which is what it was, they added unisom (which is actually an antihistimine) to my regiment of now 6 pills and gave me more fluids and released me. That was two days ago and it’s occasionally been a battle of wills me against my stomach, but I have managed to eat and keep it down.

The main thing I’ve come away with is feeling like If I ever had to be hospitalized again, I would have excellent care at the UW.  I had hot nurses and hot doctors and it felt like I was living in a pretty people soap opera. But I really felt waited on and like they really cared about me..and I always love room service.

At this point I’m trying to be optimistic but the reality is that my diagnosis is Hyperemesis Gravidarum and it’s about 2 percent of preggo ladies and most of them will be sick to some extent through the rest of the pregnancy. One doc said that will make Birth seem like a piece of cake. And my cousin was sick through her whole pregnancy with bed rest and still got up and had a great home birth. Every day I remind God of a pact we made: I will suffer this if You make my birth tolerable.