We are not really doing Hannukah this year. I couldn’t find any affordable candles so I am lighting sabbath candles I already had instead. We aren’t doing 8 presents. We did listen to some music and I let myself be videotaped dancing like a gypsy. Anyway being half and half I am feeling like this year is more of a Christmassy year so we are doing that one all out. I may feel like this because of the whole pregnant Mary thing…

It seems that Iris loves to be read to and to be sung to by both of her parents- she will immediately wake up and start movin’. But most of all, most of anything that it seems Iris loves to punch me in the bladder in the middle of stores until I leak pee. I had not peed my pants a drop since I was seven years old with a bladder infection. I have a tremdously strong camel-like bladder…but it seems it’s no match for the Iris monster…

My doc is not worried, but we will be having another ultrasound soon to check on the size of the baby. I finally got up to my pre-preg weight but now it hasn’t budged for a month- a month when she was supposed to be growing very fast. Yes, the belly is getting bigger..but my own rings are getting loose. I saw a nutritionist and now my whole life is about trying to eat 15 grams of protein 6 times a day. This is a feat when one eats no dairy or eggs and I have not mastered it but Karolyn is our amazing meat-slinger in the kitchen and has been helping me keep things stocked no matter the cost. I’ve also put in my first order with www.delicious-planet.com  so that I will know what I like on thier always menu once the baby comes..

I will be teaching three classes at our house to keep myself occupied in January and use my brain: 

Whole Life Fitness: Fool Proof Goal-Setting for the New Year

Whole Life Fitness: Mind Yoga for Love

Songwriting for Everyone-5 weeks on tuesdays

There is nothing I love more than teaching and helping people live more skillfully..yay!