I’m very excited that my “Potty Talk” airs today on the Nourished Living Summit!  Here’s your chance to listen free or own it forever (along with tons more!) Read on:

My talk is FREE today beginning 10 Eastern/ 7 Pacific until Friday. Here is the link to listen now for FREE:


Somehow it was put in the 3-6 month category, but I’m talking about healthy potty learning for babies on through 4, of course! And Bobby from www.squattypotty.com joins me on the interview!

The best thing about being part of the Summit is being grouped with some pretty amazing doctors and parenting speakers/writers. I want  to encourage you to take advantage of all or some of the talks, presentation slides, free offers and coupon discount codes offered in this Summit!

THERE is starting 9PST/12EST today, a $20 off sale for 24hrs.

The Full Summit Package are offered at $149 through April 30th* or $127 today and includes:
Lifetime access to all 62 expert audio presentations (MP3 format);
Lifetime access to all 62 slide presentations;
Over 300 Pages of Presentation Summaries;
Over $150 Worth of Free Bonus Items;
35 Exclusive Special Offers and Discounts;
109 Page Speaker Guide;
Automatic Lifetime Access to All Future Presentations Released in 2014-2015 (including accompanying MP3s, slides, and summaries)
*The full summit package will convert to regular price of $247 on April 31st and WILL NOT offer the lifetime access to future presentations.

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Individual Track Pages are offered at $49 each and include:
Lifetime access to all audio presentations (MP3 format) in that track;
Lifetime access to all slide presentations in that track;
Presentation Summaries for that track;
35 Exclusive Special Offers and Discounts;
Speaker Guide
Individual track packages do NOT include Free Bonus Items or upgrades.

Get Your Track Access here:

Enjoy all the Summit has to offer! So far I have been incredibly impressed listening to the speakers!

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