Many will tell you to tame and conquer your inner dragons. This perspective makes you feel even more disconnected from yourself and from others. 

 I’ll help you listen to, work with and heal these shadow parts!​ 


Areas of Expertise: 

PMDD and Severe PMS Healing

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Codependency Recovery

Divorce Coaching



Through our work together, you will:

⦿ Overcome your overwhelm, rage and hopelessness, smallness and powerlessness.

⦿ Manage guilt and shame from past choices, and behaviors or relationships.

⦿ Heal and make friends with the repressed parts that are trying to speak up for attention in their creation of drama and chaos in your life.  

⦿ Create & keep magnificent boundaries

⦿ Reconnect to joy and pleasure

⦿ Learn how to connect to your true desires and needs

⦿ Cultivate self-compassion

⦿ Learn how to guide loved ones on how to best support you through your challenging times- loving relationships are absolutely possible! 

Working with me:

My goal is to support you through challenges quickly and efficiently and help you build concrete skills and confidence in your own intuition and abilities. In other words, my goal is to move you OUT of my practice.

I offer 55min support sessions weekly for 4 weeks as an initial package at $480 with additional 55min calls  available for $120 after our work together is established.

We can begin with a free 15 min consult to determine fit.
Then, we set up to start with a package of 4 sessions.

I take payment by PayPal or Venmo and will send you a service product to click or a special invoice. I do not take any insurance. I am not a state licensed mental health counselor, though I’ve had years of training toward that work and I’m completing a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. In this current structure,  I have the freedom to offer more of my personal experience and advice. I often do make referrals out to some great therapists and doctors when clients have an acute need.

Calls are held via Zoom and are fully confidential.


Education and Training

I have an advanced certificate in Perinatal Mental Health Counseling PMH-C through Postpartum Support International and I have been a Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance for the last 18 years! I’m steadily working toward my Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy ( because I have children and a business!)  I have basic training in Internal Family Systems and have completed a Narcissistic Trauma Recovery program with Caroline Strawson as well as attachment systems training through art and somatics via the MacWilliam Method.  My BA is in Psychology through Western Washington University. 

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Seal: Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C)

On a Personal Note

     Hi I’m Moorea Malatt (more-ray-uh muh-lot) she/her

I’m a 40+ year-old queer-identified science nerd, parent, extroverted plant and cat lover, Libra sun, Taurus Rising, Leo Moon. I’ve spent years healing my PMDD, childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse and avoidant attachment. My partner Steph is a marriage and family therapist and together we parent my teen and her 5 year-old. 

     I’ve been a lover of every psychology, self-help and spirituality book I could get my hands on since I was just a child myself. 

     I am privileged to make my life’s work supporting other folks in areas where I’ve suffered, found the magical tools to navigate these areas and then been able to make meaning of those times. 

      I love working with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)- a widely under-diagnosed illness. I thought PMDD would continue to sabotage everything good in my life. Doctors and therapists weren’t educated and could not help much. There are so many tools for healing and regaining control and I can’t wait to share with you to shorten your journey toward healing! 

I also enjoy supporting folks healing from codependency (work I’ve been doing myself for 25 years) as well as those recovering from narcissistic abuse in family of origin or in romantic relationships. I’m twice divorced before landing in my current long term, healthy blissful relationship! We only argue about scheduling/ google calendars 😉 I love supporting clients through separations, divorce, and parenting plans. 

These areas will always bump up against our attachment styles, formed from our early attachment traumas. I’m here to show you that while our traumas never magically disappear, there is tremendous possibility for growth and healing of your attachment style. You can cultivate amazing relationships, self-understanding and therefore self-compassion! (Note: I do not work with acute ongoing trauma.)

     Please be willing to do some “Self-work” 1-2 hours per week (like homework!) between our sessions to get the most out of our work together. I’m excited to meet you in session! 

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Questions about working with me? Write to me confidentially here: 

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