Reclaim your energy.

Craft & keep magnificent boundaries

Prioritize Pleasure

Eradicate martyrdom & self-sacrifice (yes, you!) 

Cultivate self-compassion

Return to your Self

Join me in High Priestess Energy Circle. Come reclaim your FIRE in community! 

Some of the many modalities we will use as tools for growth, meeting our needs and discovering new desires: 

  • Attachment/ Attachment to Self theory basic framework (how do we show up for ourselves & loved ones and why?) 
  • Easy Art and somatic exercises 
  • Byron Katie’s 4 questions
  • Enneagram personality framework 
  • Existential Kink shadow integration practice
  • Inner-child and inner-teen healing
  • Sex magic for manifestation
  • Tarot 
  • My Intention & Release process 
  • Radical compassion and acceptance practice (self and from the circle)


Our culture tells parents that not only do we matter less than our children now, we are supposed to lose ourselves or turn into someone new.

But what if you truly miss the old you? What if a newer version of the old you is just waiting to be uncovered? 

We believe the cultural construct that there are not enough resources, there is not enough energy or time for you to get what you need and desire and also for your children or relationships to thrive. But often they are not thriving under this paradigm.

What if we have been living it backwards? What if getting yourself aligned and fulfilled first is what your people really needed from you? What if your inner light was shining vibrantly that those around you could find their way by it?  The High Priestess archetype is the spiritual leader of the family or community. Her wellness sets the tone for the wellness of the group. Her wellness is protected by her connection to her core self, her careful self-protection, her boundaries. She focuses more on inner wisdom and inner joy and exerts less control over others- and in doing so, makes room for joy and peace.

As parents, we often swim in a thick sea of overwhelm; our own needs and desires get buried in the sand. Though the decisions that got us there were gradual and tiny or even unconscious, they were ours. When we recognize this and take responsibility, we have the power to reclaim our lives and our fire.

High Priestess Energy Circle is here to help you become fully accountable to yourself. 


I’m Moorea, The Sleep Witch

I’ve worked with the parents of small humans for 25 years, and as a sleep consultant and lactation educator-counselor, and formerly as a postpartum doula and nanny (since I was 15! I’m 40 now).  What many don’t know is that I am a certified Life Coach (from Coach Training Alliance) and spent years as a successful coach for creative folks during the time I was a touring singer-songwriter, before I was a mama.

To me, being a witch just means we are in touch with our own power, and use it for improving our own lives and those around us – rather than giving it away unknowingly. 

I’m halfway through a masters in psychotherapy and I’m constantly delving deeper into attachment theory and combining it with buddhist thought, contemporary occult teachings and sex-positive anti-racist feminist theory. 100% self-improvement nerd. There are some wildly fun and transformative practices that I’d love to share with you and they work best in combination, and in community! 

Whether you’ve been a parent for 6 months or 16 years, this High Priestess Energy Circle will guide you back to yourself and you’ll feel more vibrant ever!

Do you feel a buzzing in your body,  or a tingle at the top of your head or goosebumps reading this page? Thats a sign! Come into the circle! 

We will meet WEDNESDAYS 12 NOON Pacific/ 3PM Eastern Beginning September 7th  

Meetings are recorded for you but you are encouraged to attend as many live as you can! 


Investment in your breakthrough:  This Week Only $99/mo membership

Commit to showing up for yourself for 6 months and then you can cancel any time.