Having technical troubles on our site? We hope this page will help you!


⦾ Where can I find my online courses?

We’ve been making some site improvements lately, so perhaps you don’t see your course access where it was previously located. You can now see all of your online courses on our My Courses page. You’ll be asked to log into the site if you’re not already.


⦾ What if I lost my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request password recovery here.


⦾ More technical challenges or questions?

If you have other technical inquiries about the site or need further help – or have some suggestions for this page – please email our tech support directly (support@thesleepwitch.com).


⦾ Looking for parenting help?

You can find that all over the site, with contact forms and contact information on many pages, too. Or you can message us using Facebook Messenger! We’d love to hear from you.