Yes, YOUR Kiddo!

All Night! In their own bed



This course will finally get your little one falling asleep alone and staying asleep- using a method that actually creates a stronger, more secure attachment.

While young infant attachment is very physical, true psychological attachment is built in the toddler and preschooler years with slow, gradual and mindful separations and reunions.

I Love You, Goodnight is exactly what you need if:

⭐ Already night-weaned, or down to just one early morning feeding

⭐ You’ve been committed to co-sleeping but now you feel done. 

⭐ Your body is hurting from sleeping in your kiddo’s room or them sleeping in yours, or…

⭐ Toddler is crawling out of their crib! (hundreds of broken bones every year!) 

⭐ You’ve been trying so hard to keep your child in their room but it’s inciting crying, begging and stalling- rather than sleep.

⭐ You’re pumped and ready to get your adult time and space back! 

This course will teach you how to alleviate major solo sleep challenges like:

🌙 Stalling, constant requests and elongated bedtime routines

🌙 Early rising or middle of the night party time.

🌙 Separation anxiety at night

🌙 Separation challenges in the naps and daytime play (Need a break? This method helps promote neurologically-healthy solo play too!)

🌙  Nightmares, ghosties and monsters, Oh My! (& Why most approaches to these challenges just make things worse!)

I Love You, Goodnight!– the Attachment-Building Method includes:

Mindful daytime prep communication and loving connection

Clear age-appropriate conversations for night preparation

Evidence-based best bedtime routines to promote sleepiness

Circadian rhythm alignment for natural melatonin production

The magical, gradual path to nighttime separation to build a secure and safe feeling about sleepy time!

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Fast: parents using this method typically see sleep transformed in just 4 Nights: with most of the progress typically made in the first two – rather than 12-14 nights like many books and programs out there. I mean, who has that kind of stamina when you already have a sleep deficit? You can see the light at the end of the tunnel now! 

Respectful: you’ll understand where your child is at developmentally, and we won’t expect them to achieve things they’re not yet capable of. Your little one is set up for success! And we make a plan which respects your needs and goals as a human adult, too.

Confidence-boosting: the method lays foundations of respectful and very clear communication, boundaries and consent with your child. The benefits of this work you’re about to do together extend far into the future! 

Will it work if we’ve been co-sleeping all my kiddo’s life? YES!

Will it work if we have a tiny place and kiddo doesn’t have a door or own room? YES!

Will this work if my child has some special needs? YES!

Will this work to get siblings sleeping in the same room? YES!

Will there be any crying? Maybe!
If you have a different nighttime need/goal than your child has, there are likely to be feelings about any new plan and any boundaries you set – just like tantrums in the daytime, big feelings and tears are a developmentally appropriate reaction to a new boundary and change is hard! This course aims to set your child up for the fewest tears possible! 

Course Modules

Your Wolf Pup: An Introduction to I Love You, Goodnight!
The Science of Sleep
The Evolution of Security: The Attachment Building Process
Sleep Skills and Behaviors
Pacifiers and Lovies and Stuffies, Oh My!
Boundaries: Closed Doors, Baby Gates or Walk Backs?
A Safe and Healthy Sleep Environment (Checklist) Sibling Room-Sharing
Sailing through the 6 C's
Sun, Moon & Sleep
For Crying Out Loud!
Stress-Free Naps and Quiet Time
GoodWrite: Getting you Sleep Plan Down on Paper


  • Nighttime toileting support! 
  • My Circadian Rhythm alignment course – to help your little one make more of their natural endogenous melatonin! – and to support sleep for the entire family!
  • Lullaby suggestions and playlist, in case you need a song refresh!
  • Recordings of soothing before-bed affirmations for children, and some for parents!

What parents say about this method: 

“I want you to know that your method was such a source of hope and light to me during a dark time of deep, prolonged sleep deprivation. Your work helped me climb out of that dark place, while respecting myself and my son, and honoring our relationship.”

– Samantha, Pittsburgh PA

“I can’t believe the transition from our bed to his floor mattress in his own room went so well and so quickly! Thank you so much for the plan we worked on together. Thank you for the right words to help him understand the change. I think it saved me so much grief.

I had been dreading that moment for a year and then it was suddenly over.”

– Amelia, Oakland, CA

“This process of creating and following our plan has been surprisingly intimate and lovely. I thought I’d be fearing bedtime but instead, I feel eager to learn with my daughter. All these changes have felt rooted in love and compassion and respect.”

–  Angie P, Los Angeles, CA

Available for $199 Now!


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

I’m Moorea Malatt, The Sleep Witch. This is my story: 

I’ve worked with tiny humans for over 25 years.  Most recently as a sleep consultant and lactation educator-counselor for over a decade. In that time I have helped thousands of babies (and parents) to sleep. Prior to that work, I was a preschool teacher and director for many years! 

I had my own wakeful child, too- the inspiration for this work. My kiddo seemed to need less sleep than any other  I knew and woke every hour for many months. I re-read all the books I had used as a postpartum doula and night nanny, and the only method that sat right with my education and values actually seemed to make things worse!

Waiting-it-out was making me delirious with sleep deprivation. In fact, I experienced a short period of postpartum psychosis when night-waking was at its worst. But I just could not bring myself to do any of the sleep training methods I’d used with other families! 

By 10 months of severe sleep deprivation, I had lost all sense of agency, creativity and personal power that I’d work so hard to cultivate in my life pre-parenting. 

So I took everything I knew about infant and toddler development, lactation and human cultural anthropology and dove deep into the research on infant sleep biology (why wasn’t this in the sleep books?!)  and created a method that would work for all families (and especially co-sleeping and breastfeeding / body feeding ones left out of the typical sleep methods!)  

It was an experiment that turned out to be a miracle for my mental health and then a miracle for my friends’ families. I started teaching little classes that grew. Ten years later, my Sleep Savvy and Attachment-Building methods  have saved thousands of parents from exhaustion and the brink of mental health crisis. 

I know that parents can get their own needs met and still parent gently and attentively. We can acquire habits of communicating our needs, to model self care and boundaries for our children. 

Any good witch will tell you that consistency is an often-overlooked magical practice. Creating wellness, peace and ease takes trust, commitment and dedication. The magic is in you.  I’m just here to hold your hand and guide you with my 20+ years of experience and wisdom. 

There’s no better feeling than learning to stay present and supportive and hold boundaries while your child learns new sleep skills. My perspective (and this course!) is all about compassion, balance and empowerment! 

Available for $199 Now!


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

What parents say about the magic of Sleep Savvy:

“Your approach really aligned with our style and comfort level. It helped us get back to sanity after a long and challenging 9 month sleep disaster!”

– Emily L. Seattle, WA

Our sleep work with Leo went so well that I never needed to call back for our second call I guess I will save it to ping you about gentle discipline!

Thank you so much for your advice!

– Alex, Oakland, CA

“I feel so good. We are all sleeping through till 6:30 and there is a noticeable difference in all of our moods.”

– L & D, Berkeley, CA

Dr. Beatrice Rabkin

Dr. Liz Cahill

Claire Z
Postnatal Fitness Instructor

Available for $199 Now!


* No Risk Money-Back Guarantee: included in your I Love You, Goodnight course is one email response from me, to help you troubleshoot. Create your plan and then use the email as needed. If you are unhappy with your journey – just send me an email with the plan you created from watching the entire course, and a record of how each of the four nights and days went. Then you can choose: credit your course price toward consulting support with me or take a full refund!

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