Aside from using cloth diapers, I am doing something even more earth-saving. It is inadvertant. Its that we don’t go anywhere. Because we don’t go anywhere, we don’t use the car. The last year has involved about ninety percent less car usage than I was used to.

 It is always hard to get out of the house with a child (to get them ready and time it for naps and make sure you have the bag stocked. I seriously do not know how formula-feeders figure out how to do the warm bottle thing on the go) and then there is the fact that Iris has always disliked car rides longer than fifteen minutes.

Looking back on the super-earth-friendly year, our home electic usage hasn’t been stellar but the car thing is so gigantic that it overshadows my love of a 68 plus-degree home.

Speaking of going nowhere..that is where we are with Iris’s medical saga. Done, as far as we know. No more doctors. No more tests. I have spent the last 8 months doing something and trying to get answers but that did not get any of us more sleep.

What if we stopped and did nothing? Well, that is the plan.

I still don’t know how to make Iris grow in height or weight of foot size. – Maybe if I ignore it, it will just change. 

I still don’t know how to make her sleep more often then the extra little bits as she may be growing out of the apnea.

I still don’t know what is going on with her gimpy left leg or why.

Some nights it seemed like our gentle sleep training plan was causing some benefit but as time goes on I’m more convinced any better sleep is actually random – for reasons I can’t explain and so can’t re-create.

Iris can have a bad teething night and be up crying for 1.5 hours and then go to sleep and not sleep any better or any longer than 1 hour. Or she can occasionally sleep for 2.5 hours but we don’t know why.

With the less and less feedings we’re doing, I’m less and less concerned about the thing so many have suggested- that she some wakes and causes the apnea because  she wants cuddle or booby. She doesn’t reach for me. She doesn’t call for me and often times she just stays facing away from me and then often can cry it out for a minute and get back to bed.

What I do know is that the kid is a genius who learns two new words a day: Dirt and Shoe, stretch and bubbles, food and bug. 

I know she is the sweetest thing ever who is teaching me immense gratitude for every little bit of life. She blows kisses to and waves at every airplane. She kisses every toy and body part and item of clothing and piece of furniture that she loves. (She made me kiss my computer cause she knows I love it!)

And I think she got the girly gene from me. She wants to wear her shoes and hat all day, she loves lip gloss and dresses and pretending to be coy.

These are the things i choose to focus on now. It just took a really long time to get here.

Saga over. Life Begins.