It has been a long time since I’ve written, just plugging along. The nausea went away for 1.5 weeks- long enough to move into our new house. I cleaned the house the day before our first dinner party and immediately afterwards came down with a high fever which was treated with Tamiflu as if it were the swine flu. The fever did not go away and it was confirmed I was correct that it was no flu, it was an intestinal virus. Well  now that’ ran it’s course and then the nausea, vomiting and hypersalivation came back! Still no more than one puke a day, though, which is great!! Still, I’m so ready for the whole thing to be over.

I wish I loved being pregnant. It’s been a rocky start though, and now that Iris is kicking and flipping and punching, I feel like a bad mom for saying….it’s comforting that she’s moving but it truly feels creepy. Really creepy like a fish flopping around in my gut.

I’m really still having a hard time eating normally and it feels a little “disordered”. I really can only eat small meals but that means that I need to eat them like 8 times a day but I think I only get in 2-5 small meals a day. A small meal is like a smoothie or a a salad. I do know that most of what Iris is getting is really good and balanced stuff, though full of vitamins and plenty of protein.

And the best part of this moment in pregnancy is reporting that…I seem to be having normal bowel movements for about a week now! Halleluia!