Wool Dryer Balls

My last post was about giving your presence instead of presents, but what if you can’t be physically be present? Whether you can or can’t be present and haven’t done your holiday shopping yet-Never fear!  You can still do it while sitting in your pajamas. You can get it (0r get it there)  by the first day or Chanukah, by Solstice and definitely by Christmas. Here are my suggestions to help you avoid the draw of evil Amazon.com and other corporate entities. Parent-owned small businesses.

1) Anktangle Creations at Etsy. We own many pairs of these baby leggings that are more awesome than the famed “baby legs” in incredible styles and they don’t cut off circulation! But what we all seriously need is one of these Earthy Wool Dryer Balls fluff, separate and remove static from our clothes without chemical softeners! Or a roll-up hand crocheted tic tac toe game for a preschooler- so sweet!

2) Got a musician who is special to you? Or somebody really Rustic? How about a custom or ready-made leather guitar strap form Moxie and Oliver?! Yeehaw! How bout this Peacock Feather One! That would surely be a Happy Hannukah to me!   Or leather x-mas stockings that get better every year? Or to really splurge on yourself, the handbag nobody else will have: Peacock Tote.  Your partner a sweet combo of masculine and tech-savvy? How about this amazing Anchor IPad Case?  

3) Seriously Amazing Jewlery made from old silver-wear. Made by a dad I know at his Etsy shoppe called Silverwears. This Fab Fork Bracelet is the kind that can bend and fit any wrist! Or affordable Iced Tea Spoon Earrings for the vintage gal.

4.) Serious Puzzles.com  For your mother or father in law or an older child. My favorite, Bird House Haven. OR this seriously difficult Josephine Wall Bluebird

Yeah, so I picked out what I like, but there is plenty of other stuff to look at! Spend some time on these sites.

Don’t forget to make sure you choose the right shipping option to have it arrive on time.

Didn’t do it for you? Quick, look up your local craft fair!

And hey, if you know me, don’t think you are getting anything this good from me. Everyone is getting kale chips and homemade play doh because i’m cheap 😉

Happy Solchristmukah

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