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For families of babies and toddlers.

Maybe you’re ready to gradually from 8 night feedings to 2?
Maybe you’re ready to fully night wean or stop all that bouncing and rocking?
No matter your sleeping and feeding arrangements, you need gentle and very effective help that doesn’t involve leaving your baby to cry.
My method supports you in making changes or setting new boundaries and staying with and supporting your little one while they adapt to those changes.
With clarity, they learn fast, and you’ll be sleeping well soon!

I’ll help you find a beautiful balance between your needs and your child’s needs through a very customized sleep plan based on your unique circumstances and goals, your feeding and sleeping set up and the actual science of infant and child sleep (rather than what some of those books and charts say!)

My Sleep Savvy Method is approved by Neurologists, IBCLC lactation pros & Perinatal Psychotherapists. 

In this package, I’ll get to support you with:

  • 1 one-hour-long Zoom call. We will have an intake and co-create your plan
  • Plan of action emailed to you (we will co-create it to fit your family)
  • Two 30-min follow-up calls to support you to sleep success. 
  • Audio Recordings of our calls on zoom or alternative. 
  • Up to 6 email exchanges to hold your hand along the way!
  • Resources on illness, teething, breast/chest health, bottle feeding support and more! 
  • Money-back guarantee* if you don’t see greatly improved sleep in 4 nights. (You’ll need to show commitment and consistency with your plan).

Everyone told me it was Cry It Out or don’t sleep till she’s 5. I never knew a sleep coach would work with parents who want to co-sleep and breastfeed after a year. Thank you so much for working with our individual needs and helping me get twice the sleep I was getting!


Los Angeles, CA

I’m Moorea Malatt. PMH-C, CLEC, CPD, CLC
Sleep Educator and Consultant, Perinatal Mental Health Trained, Lactation Counselor and Educator.

I birthed a baby who was awake a lot. This kiddo seemed to need less sleep than others and woke every friggin’ hour for many months. I had a short period of postpartum psychosis (mania) when the night-waking was at its worst. I was lucky to have a therapist to support me, but her advice and everyone’s was “Let that baby Cry-It-Out”. I had already just lived through the pregnancy and birth from hell. When would I get peace? 

I wanted to be well but I was breast-feeding and co-sleeping and I couldn’t bear the thought of my baby crying alone. 

I also felt like a total failure as a mother- felt that I was failing myself, failing my marriage, failing my child who absolutely could not sleep without exactly the right circumstances which nobody but me could provide. I was touched out and tapped out. To top it off, I felt like a failure professionally. Here I had successfully “sleep trained” dozens of babies as a postpartum doula and night nanny. I was supposed to be an expert. But I had been very young and those kiddos weren’t mine, weren’t pulling so hard at my heart and the feeding and sleeping arrangements were different. 

One day I found myself with a RedBull in one hand and a child I was starting to resent in the other; hating my life. This wasn’t the parenthood I wanted. So I took everything I knew about infant and toddler development, communication and lactation, started heavily researching the science of infant sleep (which seemed totally absent from sleep books!)  and created my Sleep Savvy method. I created a plan. It worked. It was a middle way. It felt respectful to both of us.

It was an experiment that turned out to be a miracle for my mental health and magic for my relationship with my child, and then, soon, a miracle for my friends’ families, too. From there, respectful, attachment-informed sleep support became my life’s work. My perspective is influenced by studying biological development, emotional development and cultural anthropology, and perinatal mental wellness- combined with my experience in over 20 years of supporting babies, toddlers and their parents.

My kiddo has been sleeping “through the night” for over a decade. Likes to go to bed on time. Passes out in one minute. Wakes at 7 (or later, thanks tween years).

I’ve been there. I know your sleep struggle and your heart struggle.

*I’ve got your back* Now, let’s Get Your Brain Back! 

Seal: Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C)

Thank you very much for this detailed plan. Our little girl is happily sleeping and without Cry-it-Out!  I felt like a new person b/c I hadn’t had that much sleep in a row in over a year.  I even started having dreams again! Thanks so much for your help. I honestly feel like a different person!


Seattle, WA

Thank you for helping us realize our sleep challenges were really gentle discipline challenges and helping us have a clear plan for dealing with all of the fighting of every boundary that Z was doing. It never occurred to me the fixing daytime challenges would help our sleep but it has tremendously and I now have such great communication with my tiny person.


Baltimore MD

Dr. Beatrice Rabkin

Dr. Liz Cahill

Claire Z
Postnatal Fitness Instructor

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The best part? This work we do together will be transformational for your parenting confidence.
You’ll reap the benefits in ease of clear, respectful communication with your child for years beyond the restful nights you’re about to have!

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*No Risk. I have a 100% money-back guarantee if you're truly ready to work with me! Are you ready to make change and follow the plan we co-create for 4 days? I can afford my guarantee due to my 100% satisfaction rate - because parents I work with align with gentle, respectful parenting values and are pumped to start making changes.  My clients understand – the magic is in YOU and sleep success only happens when you can be committed to making some changes.  In my practice, you'll only start a plan that aligns with your goals and values.  If you have utilized my plan, calls and email support and can provide a record of how each night and nap went and still somehow do not feel major improvement after 4 nights, you can request a refund.