I was asked by a few people if I could teach a Gentle Discipline class geared toward the preschool age, after my toddlers discipline class was a success. Here you have it!  I am so excited because I certainly learned a lot in my years as a preschool teacher!  If you cannot attend, I am offering a private phone coaching version of this workshop, tailored to your unique challenges. email moorea malatt hicks at gmail dot com.

Gentle Discipline for the Preschool Age- A Workshop

When? Saturday December 10th 3-5pm

Where? @ the Madrona (Seattle) Home of Moorea Malatt 

Owner of Metamorphosis Parent Coaching

How Much?  $15/person.

Who? For parents and caregivers of the 2-4 year set! 

Tantrums, excessive energy, aggression, meltdowns, attention-seeking behavior, noncompliance, excessive energy, running away, disagreeable, “not listening”, separation anxiety, shyness, having a hard time at preschool? We will workshop each of your discipline questions and challenges and learn from one another as a community. How do we say No less (and mean it) and say Yes more while building a stronger bond with our children? Yes, there are ways to connect with our children that actually prevent power struggles and discipline challenges! Gentle discipline is simply a psychologically sound middle path between permisiveness and authoritative parenting.

Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t only four styles of parenting and each child is an individual who has specific needs. As your workshop leader, I come at discipline from an intuitive approach. Each parent has their own individual style but there are ways to ensure your way is supportive, gentle and effective. Most of us notice a tendency to discipline more or less than we wish we did and this workshop will help you focus on your strengths and change what you don’t like. We sill discuss the differences between Gentle Discipline and Positive Discipline, reasoning versus playfulness. We also will discuss some studies on discipline and a comparison of literature.

Excellent and Qualified childcare provided in our playroom for $10. Art project and snack.

I have 14 years experience working with and gently disciplining children as preschool teacher, camp counselor, spiritual leader, nanny and now as a mother. I also have 6 years of experience coaching creative people, parents and nannies. So that I can give attention to each participant, space is limited so please sign up early. I offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee of all of my workshops and coaching services! Contact moorea malatt hicks at gmail dot com

Questions?  Talk to me! If you're not sure about the best way I can serve you, tell me a bit about your challenge here. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about services, workshops or speaking engagements. Please fill out the form below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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