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Friends…..the promoters of the NOURISHED LIVING SUMMIT (for parents) listened to your feedback that the summit could be more affordable. I’d really love for you to be able to hear my potty talk, and below I have recommendations of the some other INCREDIBLE speakers you should listen to right away when you purchase the entire package. Did I mention that there are 35 coupons and discount codes (including for SavvyParentingSupport.com !) that make this price basically ridiculous?


Sign-Up to receive your package here: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?cl=246594&c=ib&aff=270369

Sign up to receive your full summit package and then go listen to me, Moorea Malatt, talk about Potty Learning. Then, listen to these. There are too many speaker recordings for me to have even gotten through half, but so far, here are my favorites:

Back to Work Breastfeeding – Renee Beebe

Donor Milk– Emma Kwasnica  *fascinating*

Newborn Decisions: Jennifer Margulis

BabyWearing– Jennifer Wenzel and Shannon Riley

Autism: Dr. Jay Gordon

Children’s Oral Health: Will and Susan Revak *fascinating*

Fostering Independence: Ariadne Brill

Parenting Without Stereotypes: Paige Standard

Healing from Trauma (birth trauma) and the Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation: Stefanie Brandt Cornais

Managing Anger and Overwhelm as a Parent: Laura Markham

Becoming Aware of Possible Toxins Around your Children; Choosing Safe Products for Your Children: Dawn Lorenz


Or you know, you can grab all of the 35 Discounts/coupons first 😉



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