For a few posts this blog will be taken over by the album Whip It Out! This is meant for the eyes of those who have contributed to the kickstarter project about such-

This is the second weekend in the studio. It is hard to take the copious recording notes I had imagined becuase I we are trying to make this album quickly, and, well..I am breastfeeding a child. One great thing about breastfeeding is the frequent forced breaks in the day to getting you all centered and present to life- a definite meditation of sorts for which I am grateful.  It just means I can whip out many fewer blog posts.

But as of this moment all of my tracks are recorded and are being spliced and mixed (which Evan Brubaker, my producer/engineer calls “making sausage”). My friend Jessica came in to record her pretty harmony this afternoon on RockThisBaby (judging from yesterday’s jam with Ophelia, it may become a three part song ala Emmylou,Allison and Gillian.) Jessica has a bun in the oven so its super sweet. The studio is called Forgiveness (in tacoma) and is a small house across from where Evan lives.  There is beautiful property, a tree swing, goats and fresh air. Also a jetted tub upstairs which I used last week and anticipate again tonight. So the name suits the place- also it suits evan who is extremely forgiving, doesn’t make me do too many takes, does not require perfection from me. He does not like it if I am at all hard on myself or if I make cranky remarks about my performance, my voice, my guitar chops. So last weekend I went home from the studio and wrote the last song for the album “Witness” which has the word forgiveness in it.

Why will likely be the best album I’ve ever made? (see catalogue at cdbaby)

Well, it will because there is no pretense. I am not trying to be someone else or sound like someone else. Striving for perfection went down the tubes with a funky pregnancy and our ongoing lack of sleep. My daugher has one ear that sticks out and one that doesn’t and one nostril shaped like a kidney bean and one shaped like a triangle. And those are some of my favorite parts about her. Similar things are already my favorite parts of this album. One example that on the song “The Nakie”, I meant to say “She’s been a super-dooper-trooper breastfeeding queen.” What I accidentally said instead was “She’s been a super-DROOPER-Trooper”…and we kept it becuase it was true 😉

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s musicians- Shula violin on three songs, Ophelia’s harmony on two songs, and (yay!) George on saxophone!! I will be write another blog post then!

Would you like to write a comment here- words of encouragement, perhaps?  *love* MM