*Warning* This first post and the entire blog in general is most likely going to be in the category of “TMI: too much information”.

“TTC” it’s the newer acronym in my life which from here on out is all about Trying To Concieve. Well, as of today the sperm is paid for, sort of. It’s on a credit card because if you buy 6 vials at a time, you get free storage. For more on the cost of donor sperm, go to my post at QueerCents.  I wrote that article last week when I thought for sure we would be waiting a while to buy sperm. But we really would love to try for a Aries or Taurus baby next year so onto the card it went. Neither of us are into carrying debt on cards but K. and I consider this an “investment in our future.”  Although I was an excellent nanny for many years, it seems patience is just not one of my virtues.

I had been charting my “cervical mucous” and other cycle stuff for 3 months and am now charting my temperature each morning and this past month I peed on ovulation predictor sticks but didn’t even think to start them until my leutinizing hormone had already come and gone. I think the first time I get to see the double blue “ready” line will be when the sperm has been flown in and is sitting at our house for a day- and then I’ll frantically call the midwife?

Why a midwife? Well, I always knew I’d use a midwife because as I got older traditional medicine proved to cost too much and never helped me at all. Then I learned about the birthing industry and the harm done to mothers and babies in medicated births and then we watched “The Busness of Being Born” and now I’d be terrified to go to the hostpital. So I watch hypnobirth and waterbirth videos on youtube and pretend that’s the only way. The  mothers are usually blissed out and this makes me unafraid of childbirth.

I had had a naturopath who was a midwife (who delivered two important children in my life!) and I love her but when I thought about getting my vagina looked at for long periods of time by a professional, I decided the professional had better be less serious than my current doctor, and be able to crack a joke. I also thought it would be neat to have a lesbian midwife so there would be less awkwardness.

And then I found Dr. Brandy who is skilled at and willing to inseminate me with “washed/intra-uterine/syringe up through the cervix”. Usually we would have to use this kind of sperm only at a doctor’s office and more likely a fertility clinic. But before I found Brandy, I didn’t think we would afford all of the medical tests and psychological tests they wanted us to do before they would begin working with us.  (we didn’t choose the expensive and difficult washed sperm, it was the only kind available from the donor who looks like K. )

So here we are. Brandy will come over two days in a row each cycle and put the stuff right into my uterus. She has two children of her own this way.

Unfortunately, because it would mess with cervical mucus and everything else, she had to take me off of the antihistimines for hay fever allergies which I had just started on and now I’m miserable but she’s helping me with a new myriad of vitamins and will actually help to get me over the grass season hump with twice weekly IV drips of intense vitamin boosts for my immune system.

So far one friend had a gorgeous baby this month, another friend due any second and yet another late July. Yes I get to share in the joy as thier postpartum doula, but the jealousy is palpable. I’ve hardly felt jealous of anything in my life until this.

I am really excited about having started this Blog documenting our journey to parenthood!