Here is baby Bean at 15 weeks, over a week ago.

This photo is blurry as it’s a photo of a print-out, but the one we see is very precise with distinguishing features: K’s tall forhead and my pointy chin- most likely not the Baker (my dad’s)  nose either, Maybe it’s my mom’s nose. We can even see the little eyelids closed over the eyes and the ears. So far no visible detached earlobes, but if they wind up being attached it will be a miracle since the donor, K, and I all have detached and that’s a dominant trait.

With all of the sickness and hospital trips, I had been feeling like I could not bond with the baby but the two little sonograms we had really changed it. I got to think about what the baby is going to look like and that did it for me.

I am feeling better the last couple of days. No actual puking and almost managable nausea. Also having appetite and eating real foods sometimes! I’ll keep getting bags of fluids because it really helps the nausea and the appetite. My arms are all bruised up from the nurses always having lots of trouble with my veins. I look like a heroin junkie or like someone’s been grabbing and beating me. Good thing long-sleeve weather is here!

On a sad note, a close friend further along than myself found out this week that her baby has a severe birth defect and the docs suggested ending the pregnancy which is what’s going to happen. It has been very sad and I am also extremely grateful that all I’ve had to deal with is hyperemesis. I also had the confusing reaction of not knowing whether to donate more money to planned parenthood or become a pro-lifer. Of course I did extensive research on how to see various defects on a sonogram and taught myself how to diagnose those and combed our sonograms with a fine-toothed-eye. So far so good. I will not be having an amniocentisis, even though my doc at the UW thinks I should. I am young, my risk is low, and the test does pose a risk to the baby.

We will however, have our sex-check anatomy ultrasound in three weeks. I am very excited for that because since we have our names picked out, we will not only know the sex of our baby but we’ll also start calling it by name!

Karolyn bought a baby-wearing sling yesterday, locally made in an under-the-see pattern blue with pink starfish and red crabs and green turtles and yellow fish.